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“They created a monster”: Cardinals veteran slams Kyler Murray for his inadequate performance post $230 million contract extension

Arjun Sukumaran

"They created a monster": Cardinals veteran slams Kyler Murray for his inadequate performance post $230 million contract extension

Kyler Murray’s contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals created a huge uproar back in this year’s preseason. Now, it seems the same contract has led to the Cardinals’ downfall. A veteran player with the team says the biggest reason for their team’s disastrous performance, is none other than Kyler Murray.

The player anonymously told Bally Sports that Murray became less and less responsible as days passed after his contract extension. It seems his $230.5 million deal has somehow made him feel that he does not have to fulfill his obligations as a franchise QB. Apparently, he doesn’t even study his game plans!

This comes as a massive shock to everyone. Especially as only a year ago, the entire NFL community was up in arms against the Cardinals forcing Murray to study game plans. Fans were angry after the Cardinals included an “independent study” clause in his extension. The uproar forced the team to cut the clause out.

That now seems to be a big mistake, as the anonymous player alleges that Murray does not study the game plans. It could also explain the Cardinals’ abysmal season, dropping to a 4-13 record. Especially after having made the playoffs a year before. The Cardinals, though, are already looking at making changes.

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Cardinals’ Kyler Murray could potentially sit out 2023 season

Kyler Murray situation demands him charting a redemption arc. However, it looks like that arc may not start in the next season. Murray suffered a torn ACL injury during the Cardinals’ Week 14 matchup with the New England Patriots. He had to undergo surgery, needing an ACL reconstruction and a meniscus repair.

While any other QB might just be trying to power through the recovery phase, Murray’s case seems different. According to Bally Sports, Kyler Murrays financial sources are sorted. Which could mean he will not feel pushed to get better quickly. This could prove to be an ugly prospect for whoever comes in to coach the team.

That too is an issue to resolve for the Cardinals. The precarious position they find themselves in is not something a manager would be very happy about jumping into. However, it seems the Cardinals are already talking to potential candidates, so it looks like someone is still willing to place their head in the guillotine.

The plethora of problems at hand will make any observer feel like the Cardinals are not going to have a good season in 2023. However, the Arizona outfit will be trying their best to make sure fans are not disappointed with them for the second straight year. Will they break against the odds and repeat their playoff run?

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