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“This is The End of #Undisputed” : Livid Fans Call For Shannon Sharpe to Leave Infamous Co-Host Skip Bayless & Join Stephen A. Smith on ESPN

Arjun Sukumaran

Stephen A. Smith Thinks Shannon Sharpe’s Katt Williams Interview Will Eclipse Joe Rogan

There is a palpable tension in the room every time Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe sit across from each other. That tension is now becoming more and more apparent as Bayless has time and again lashed out against his co-host. From demeaning his achievements to defend Tom Brady, to interrupting his monologue, Bayless is finding new ways to irritate Sharpe. Though it seems, fans have had enough.

Shannon Sharpe, a 3 time Super Bowl Winner, is beloved by many as a sports commentator. Indeed, his charismatic style and his ability to make a point have captured many a heart. Initially, his pairing with Skip Bayless has been fruitful, with many tuning in to see their fiery debates and stalwart defenses. However, things seem to be falling apart on the sets of ‘Undisputed’.

The tipping point for fans was when Bayless interrupted Sharpe’s monologue, during which he tried to explain his feeling about Damar Hamlin’s tragic injury. Bayless, however, shot up and interrupted Sharpe when the latter mentioned Bayless’ infamous Tweet from just a day ago. The Tweet was viewed as insensitive by many, including Sharpe, who reportedly decided to not show up for Tuesday’s show over it.

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Angry fans call for ESPN to pair Shannon Sharpe with legend Stephen A. Smith

A lot of fans on social media are extremely unhappy with how Bayless has been treating Sharpe. Watching their beloved “Unc” get worked up has certainly struck a chord among his followers. Numerous fans have come forward on Twitter, asking ESPN to pick Sharpe up and make use of his “superstar” status. While some believe he should get his own show, some want to see him with the legendary Stephen A. Smith.

Shannon Sharpe, a former tight end who mostly played for the Denver Broncos, is a legend in the NFL community. The first tight end to have more than 10,000 receiving yards, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011. A 7th-round pick in the 1990 NFL draft, he went on to play for 14 years in the NFL and finished with 62 touchdowns in 204 games.

Sharpe joined Bayless in ‘Undisputed’ back in 2016, where he became famous for his staunch support of LeBron James. He also is a vocal critic of Tom Brady and the Dallas Cowboys, both favorites of Skip Bayless. Sharpe also has his own show, ‘Club Shay Shay’, in which he interviews NFL personalities.

With the relationship between Sharpe and Bayless at a breaking point, it will not be surprising if Sharpe decides to back out from ‘Undisputed’. Will Bayless make up with his co-host? Or is the damage already beyond repair?

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