“Tom Brady Takes Less Money And Wins With Less While Aaron Rodgers Complains”: NFL Fans Rip Apart Packers Quarterback For His Heated Press Conference During Training Camp

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published 29/07/2021

Tom Brady is always going to be compared to Aaron Rodgers, for good or for bad, and the same was true with Rodgers’ recent press conference.

The Packers star went into great detail about his mindset this offseason, and what exactly he thought about the Green Bay Packers and why he was contemplating leaving and retiring.

It truly was eye-opening to see Rodgers talk about Green Bay and the front office in such an explicit and unrestricted manner. He was honest, something you don’t usually see from athletes these days, and it was something to behold.

Whether his assertions are true or not is a separate thought, but the fact that he was able to go up and publicly highlight all the flaws of the Green Bay organization is pretty wild and unprecedented.

As with anything any athlete does these days, NFL Twitter was quick to make comparisons about Rodgers ‘complaining’ to Tom Brady and his winning ways.

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NFL Fans Blast Aaron Rodgers With Tom Brady Comparisons

Tom Brady has made a habit out of taking home-town discounts for the betterment of his team. The Buccaneers quarterback in fact reworked his contract with Tampa Bay this year to ensure that the team could retain all 22 starters.

This point, along with the fact that Brady is a seven time Super Bowl winner and beat Aaron Rodgers in last year’s playoffs had people shredding Rodgers’ press conference, saying he was ‘complaining’ while Brady was actually winning.

Fans also brought up the fact that Brady was taking less money to further berate Rodgers for supposedly trying to act above his paygrade. Rodgers is definitely justified to speak up about the issues that have been bothering him in his time in Green Bay.

Perhaps, it’s because Rodgers knows that he’ll be leaving next year, that he feels comfortable taking shots like this against the organization. After all, him and Davante Adams didn’t put up those ‘The Last Dance’ stories for nothing.

However, comparing Rodgers’ situation to Brady’s is not what fans should be doing. The circumstances surrounding Brady’s and Rodgers’ careers have been very different right from the get-go.

They’ve been part of different organizations with different cultures, and therefore, their influence and stand with their respective teams is vastly different, be it when Brady was in New England or Tampa Bay.

Brady has never had any complaints like this about either the Patriots or the Buccaneers, and so it’s safe to say that Rodgers and Brady have gone through some very different things. Thus, comparisons between the two with regards to this issue should not be made.

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