Travis Kelce vs Rob Gronkowski GOAT Tight End Debate Sets Twitter On Fire

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 11/10/2022

Travis Kelce’s outstanding performance against the Raiders compelled NFL fans to call him the greatest Tight End to ever play the game. However, Rob Gronkowski fans had a different point of view. 

The Kansas City Chiefs were struggling big time against the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday night. After trailing by 17 points at a time, the Mahomes-led unit scripted an astonishing comeback in the final quarter which led them to a memorable victory.

While Patrick Mahomes was as brilliant as everyone expects him to be, another player who really stole the show on Monday night was champion Tight End Travis Kelce.

With 4 incredible touchdown catches, Kelce set Chiefs’ Monday night football record in their 30-29 come from behind victory. Although the Chiefs had a forgettable first quarter failing to score any points, Kelce’s first TD catch in the second quarter kickstarted Kansas City’s epic comeback.

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Travis Kelce or Rob Gronkowski, Who Is The Greatest Ever?

How incredible was Kelce’s day can be understood from the fact that he had 3 TD catches this year before taking field against the Raiders and now he has 7.

Last season, Kelce had 9 TD catches and this year, in just 5 matches, he has grabbed 7. This performance from Travis forced innumerable NFL fans on Twitter to call him the best Tight End in the game.

However, when we talk about greatest Tight Ends, it is impossible not to mention Rob Gronkowski. Retired earlier this year, Gronk enjoyed insurmountable success at the highest level.

Gronk fans made their presence felt on Twitter when a lot of people were calling Travis Kelce the greatest ever.

As far as Kelce is concerned, he already surpassed Gronk earlier this month for 5th most receiving yards by a Tight End. In fact, against the Raiders, Kelce became the first TE since 1985 to score 4 receiving TDs in a game.

Some fans called Kelce one-dimensional and hailed Gronk, whereas some pointed out that Kelce still has a lot left in him and he has already surpassed Gronk in several stats. So one can imagine who’ll be recognized as the greatest ever Tight End in the long run.

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