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Weird Connection Between Election Year, Olympics and Cincinnati Bengals Getting Joe Burrow a Receiver this NFL Draft

Utsav Khanna

Weird Connection Between Election Year, Olympics and Cincinnati Bengals Getting Joe Burrow a Receiver in This NFL Draft

Deep state, conspiracy theories are always welcome in the make-believe world of sports. Until they harm anyone or their feelings, these theories are fun thinking exercises, especially in the dryness of the football offseason. And now, just a few days before the draft, the Athletic’s Paul Dehner Jr. has subtly dropped a working theory about the Cincinnati Bengals‘ Director of Personnel, Duke Tobin, and how he could be adding help for Joe Burrow based on a wild theory.

First, he provides an in-depth analysis as to why the signs indicate the Bengals are selecting a receiver. For starters, they could have picked up a free agent, and they also have Charlie Jones from last year’s draft, who could have been given the instructions to take up a bigger role. However, none of that happened. Moreover, the Cincinnati front office did not fill the void left by Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins, which currently doesn’t seem like the best situation. Thus, all signs hint towards much-needed help for their offensive front. And the most important point, the analyst notes:

“Even in the era of great receiver drafts, this is probably the best we’ve ever seen. Specifically, with day 2 where the Bengals can get the exact type that they’re looking for, the exact style that they want, the personality… Because there are so many options.” 

Interestingly, Dehner Jr. then noted that Tobin has picked a receiver every Olympic year and/or every year with a presidential election. The analyst remarked, “It’s also a presidential election, Olympic, and leap year, which means Duke Tobin is taking a receiver in round 2. That’s what he does all those years — that’s my big theory.”

He even joked that with the elections, Tobin must feel like going for “receivers.” In a draft that is filled with mystery, Dehner Jr.’s words surely come as a relief for many.

But is it true that every four years, Tobin has been known to take receivers as America prepares for a presidential change? Let’s dig in to find out whether these claims hold over the 25-year period that Tobin has worked at an executive level with the Cincinnati Bengals. Working with them since 1999, the executive has overseen 25 drafts, with 6 of them taking place during presidential election years.

Verifying the Connection Between Cincinnati Bengals Drafting WRs and Presidential Elections

So, did the Bengals pick a receiver during every presidential election year? Well, yes. However, not in round 2; every time there was a presidential election, the franchise took a receiver during the draft. In 2000, they picked Peter Warick out of Florida State in the first round. Then in 2004, as former President George W. Bush won for a second time, the Bengals drafted a receiver in the 5th round, picking Maurice Mann, who didn’t really work out.

And when Beijing hosted the World Olympics in 2008, the Bengals were busy adding Jerome Simpson with the 46th overall pick in the second round. In 2012, with rumors of the world ending, President Barack Obama was elected into office for his last term, and Cincinnati bet on Mohamad Sanu, who is still playing in the league, albeit currently a free agent.

In 2016, President Donald Trump would become the 45th leader of the United States of America, while the Cincinnati Bengals drafted ace wide receiver and perennial star, Tyler Boyd. Then in 2020, as President Joe Biden beat the 45th President of the US, the Bengals made history by taking Tee Higgins and setting the foundation for an explosive offensive to birth.

Thus, a simple analysis shows that yes, in every leap, election, and Olympic year, the Bengals and Duke Tobin have drafted wideouts. And in a league where all 32 teams prefer to be tight-lipped despite swirling rumors, this absurd connection brings surprising comfort.

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