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“When Someone Compares Me to Drew Brees. I Mean, What Are We Doing?”: Bo Nix Reacts to His Comparison With The Saints Legend

Anushree Gupta

“When Someone Compares Me to Drew Brees. I Mean, What Are We Doing?”: Bo Nix Reacts to His Comparison With The Saints Legend

With four years of college football under his belt, the NFL community is well aware of Bo Nix’s capabilities and achievements. In fact, he has often been compared to Drew Brees for his throwing capabilities. As he gets ready to begin his pro journey, Nix has a pragmatic view of his comparison with the NFL veteran.

RGIII and The Ones‘ via Instagram uploaded an intriguing video of Nix in conversation with the podcast host. Bo Nix aware of his long journey ahead, took comparisons with Brees as an honor but reacted to it with honesty. Shutting the debate once and for all with his pragmatic take, Nix added,

“I got a lot to do, a lot to learn, a lot to play for but that comparison is very respectful,” claimed the former Oregon Ducks quarterback.

But his comparison to Drew Brees boasting 20 NFL seasons, has him in splits. Scoffing off at the drastic difference, Nix added,

“When someone compares me to Drew Brees, I’m like, I mean, what are we doing? I’ll take it, ya, if you want to compare me to Drew Brees,” later adding,“Maybe in the end you work hard enough and those comparisons start to see some parallels truly in the league.”  


While Nix displayed immense maturity in addressing the Drew Brees matter, it comes with a price. At 24, Nix’s achievements are overshadowed by his age, which is usually compared to national champion JJ McCarthy at just 21 years old. But, his fashioned throws and improvement in decision-making with age make him a fascinating option with a blend of youth and experience.

Projections for Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft

Bo Nix is projected to be a first-round pick in April by most, but the story has a few twists. It starts with ESPN’s projection by Mel Kiper Jr. who thinks Nix will fit in at 12th with Denver Broncos. While Nix has much to offer, the Broncos are in sheer need of their offensive centerpiece after Wilson’s tumultuous exit. Moreover, the NFL Mock Draft Database agrees with Kiper’s projection, but a few disagreements persist.

Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine has a projection that Bo Nix might be picked up in the second round much like Will Lewis from 2023. An overall 33rd pick in the second round by the Tennessee Titans, Lewis was initially projected to be a first-round. As stated earlier, Nix’s age factor and decision-making have been common sticking points for many.  Derrick Klassen, known for famously quantifying QB potential as an NFL Scout, especially from college football also regarded Nix as an ‘incomplete player with undeniable tools’.

However, Bo Nix has been spotted exploring his options, with a trip to Seattle as highlighted by Aaron Wilson of KPRC in Houston. This comes as a dramatic development as Geno Smith is already bound as the Seahawks starter for two years with his contract, now with Sam Howell as his new backup. In such a scenario, questions loom over Nix’s draft.

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