Josh McDaniels’ Inability to Keep a Secret May Just Be Keeping Darren Waller and His Wife Kelsey Plum Far Apart

Arjun Sukumaran
|Published March 15, 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders trading tight end Darren Waller for just a third-round pick to the Giants is a story many are confused about. The 202 Pro Bowler has shown no signs of wear and is still expected to be a strong player in the position. However, it seems there might just be a reason after all for the shocking trade. What’s more, the man responsible for this could very well be the man responsible for the team itself.

Waller’s arrival will no doubt boost the Giants’ offense and is widely considered to be a great deal for them. However, when one team wins in a trade, the other party is a loser more often than not. This is exactly the sentiment surrounding the Raiders fan club. However, one look at the potential evidence, and Raiders fans may just have reason enough to be even angrier.

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Darren Waller was traded after Josh McDaniels accidentally let out a secret

Waller’s trade comes in the aftermath of his wedding plans being leaked to the media. The 30-year-old married WNBA star Kelsey Plum, and the couple did not intend for the public to know about this yet. However, Josh McDaniels ended up being the source of this news for the media, and the wider public. Safe to say, Waller was not happy at all.

According to The Athletic’s senior writer Vic Tafur, McDaniels revealed the news about Waller’s wedding at this year’s NFL Combine. The news was quickly picked up by the Las Vegas Journal, which ended up upsetting Waller. Though the team will come up with various reasons for this trade, the fact is that Waller and Plum are spending the beginning of their marriage almost 2,500 miles apart.

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Daniel Jones may get more options to target with Waller’s arrival

Darren Waller’s arrival, though on a sad note for him, will be a welcome sight for the Giants. The New York outfit has been struggling with its passing plays since Kadarius Toney was traded to the Chiefs. Waller is not young, and he’s not as fast as the receivers. However, he is a tank on the field, and could very well be the Travis Kelce-esque player the Giants need at this point.

Whether he likes it or not, he will spend the next 4 seasons with the  Giants, if things go well. Hopefully, 2,500 miles are not enough to keep him away from his newly-wed wife. With Kelsey Plum still cemented in her role with the Las Vegas Aces, the couple may not find enough time to spend with each other. Will the Raiders’ fanbase forgive their team, and Josh McDaniels, for making this error?

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