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Katherin Webb’s Kids Follow in Her Footsteps as They Steal the Spotlight From A.J. McCarron Ahead of Crucial Game Against Roughnecks

Arjun Sukumaran

Katherin Webb’s Kids Follow in Her Footsteps as They Steal the Spotlight From A.J. McCarron Ahead of Cruscial Game Against the Roughnecks

A.J. McCarron’s family has a habit of stealing the limelight away from him during games. First, it was his girlfriend (now wife) Katherine Webb, who stole the spotlight during the 2013 BCS Championship Game. Now, it looks like their kids are slowly catching up to the trend. What’s more, it seems they’ve figured out the best way to steal the thunder away from A.J. McCarron, is by including him in the frame.

McCarron and Webb tied the knot in 2014, 4 months after he stunned the world with a proposal aided by a ring he designed himself. 2 years later, the couple welcomed their first son, Raymond, into the family. After another 2 years, the couple once again announced the arrival of another son, Carter. Though the couple has a third son, Gunnar, born in 2021, it is Carter and Raymond who are stealing the show now.

Deshaun Watson shares cute “father-son” moment between McCarron and his kids

A.J. McCarron’s sons got an opportunity to showcase the skills that they got from their mother, i.e. stealing the spotlight from their father. Before the Battlehawks’ game against the Roughnecks, cameras caught McCarron talking to his kids who were watching from the stands. Deshaun Watson, who played with McCarron during their time in Houston, shared a clip of that encounter on his Instagram.

In the video, Carter can be seen asking McCarron for a hug. While Raymond tells McCarron, “Daddy, you better throw good today” in a husky, deep voice. McCarron promises to try, before shifting over and taking Carter in his arms, drawing a lot of “awws” from around him. This was probably not intentional, but this game will probably be only remembered because of the kids.

A.J. McCarron leads the Battlehawks to a 5th win of the season

A.J. McCarron seems to have found his footing in the XFL, after a rather dull exit from the NFL. It looks like he is bent on proving himself to everyone who has been criticizing his fall from grace. One part of that process came in the Battlehawks vs Roughnecks game, where McCarron threw for 222 yards, and scored 3 touchdowns.

While the win is definitely a cause for celebration, the Battlehawks still have a lot of work left to do. Especially with the 6-1 D.C. Defenders leading the North Division. McCarron and his team will most likely not settle for anything but the best place to finish the season in. Can McCarron help his team become champions of this newly rejuvenated XFL?

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