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“Land of Dreams”: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Celebrate the Gymnast’s Ticket to Paris in Style

Radha Iyer

“Land of Dreams”: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Celebrate the Gymnast’s Ticket to Paris in Style

Last week was a stunning affair at the USA gymnastics trials for the Paris Olympics, where five of the best athletes were picked for the competition. Simone Biles was one of the shining gems who emerged as a top choice, after performing consistently in various championships.

While the athletes and their loved ones enjoyed an emotional celebration at Minneapolis, Biles was over the moon. A wide smile was plastered across her face as she participated in the selection ceremony, hugged her new teammates, and returned home with a renewed determination to bring glory to her country.

Throughout it all, Biles’ husband, Jonathan Owens, stood right beside her, ready to extend support where needed. He made notes during her participation, recorded each move, and proudly wore t-shirts with his wife’s name and face on them.

In a recent Instagram post, the couple decided to take the celebration a step further and commemorate the occasion in style. Sporting pajamas with ‘Team USA’ written all over it, they posed for the camera with big smiles.


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“land of dreams…”

The post was flooded with comments from several friends, fellow athletes, and fans who were overjoyed to see the couple happy. With their outfits shining bright, stars like Mikaela Shiffrin, Nastia Liukin, and Madison Kocian showered their adoration. Teammate Sunisa Lee also commented:


While the Paris Olympics is just around the corner, Biles is taking some time off to relax and rewind as she enters the international stage again. This time, she seems to have a renewed energy and mindset that got her through some of the steep competitions leading up to the trials.

From the Core Hydration Classic to the Xfinity US Gymnastics Championships, Biles made sure that even her stepping stones to the trials were stunning. In the process, she even won her ninth world champion title, proving to fans all over that she was back to win.

Simone Biles’ Olympic trials finals went down smoothly

The Olympic gymnastics finals in Minneapolis were a sight to behold, with various athletes putting their best foot forward. While everyone was determined to prove their worth to themselves and the world, Biles happened to be on a winning spree, ready to take back what she lost at the Tokyo Olympics.

Still, the women’s gymnastics finals were the epitome of sportsmanship as every woman competing had other athletes cheering on. Biles even ended up giving some encouraging words to Lee after a tricky performance almost got the best of her teammate’s mind. Photos showing the teammates hollering in support of one another from the sidelines gave fans the perfect example of how healthy competitions should be.

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