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“Keep It Going”: Yohan Blake and Track World Encourages Fred Kerley on His Gym Routine Ahead of Wanda Diamond League

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Keep It Going”: Yohan Blake and Track World Encourages Fred Kerley on His Gym Routine Ahead of Wanda Diamond League

For the rest of the upcoming season, the motivation of Fred Kerley is soaring high. The American track sensation will compete in the Wanda Diamond League in Xiamen in just a few days. In connection to his preparation for the season, the young prodigy recently posted a workout on Instagram for the same event, which has caught the attention of Yohan Blake and the track world.

The Wanda Diamond League is also Yohan Blake’s next destination. The 100-meter sprint grid will include Christian Coleman and Fred Kerley, among others. As for the Xiamen race, the Jamaican sprinter is well-prepared and knows his competitors.

Blake and the track community recently focused on the Instagram video of Kerley working out, that went viral. At the beginning of the post, Kerley was seen raising the barbell with heavy weights. With three sets under his belt, he releases the bar and moves on to the next exercise.

The athlete completes three repetitions of the Massai jump exercise. Afterward, Kerley sits down by dragging the weights. Later, he shifts his attention to his triceps after committing to dumbbell shoulder presses.

Many track fans gathered in the comment section of the viral Instagram post. Apart from the fans, Yohan Blake also left an encouraging comment for his American rival, as he writes:

Keep it going bing man.”

It looks like this fan is predicting the future, as they commented:

“Next Olympic 100 m gold.”

Another fan has fallen in love with Kerley’s exercise routine:

“Love it mate absolutely class love this exercise.”

Leaving a comment filled with motivation for Kerley, this fan writes:

“Yessir put in the work. All who’s talking you’re our number 1 champ get so you can silence them.”

Another fan mentions:

Oh you about to get STRONGER…”

The American track star will benefit from all of these motivational messages. After being devastated by being replaced by Noah Lyles at the World Athletics Indoor Championships earlier this year, he made an even greater comeback.

Fred Kerley looks forward to the big season

The news that Lyles would be taking the position of Fred Kerley in Glasgow devastated his heart. The circumstances on an indoor track are very different from those on an outdoor track, so he wasn’t too concerned. As soon as he received confirmation of his registration for the Hurricane Invitational, he began preparing for the tournament, confident in his outdoor record.

Later, the American track sensation won the 100-meter race, shocking everyone with his incredible pace. Although Kerley’s gold medal was expected, this season is unique. The athlete is eager to seize every opportunity that comes his way, with this year being the year of the Paris Olympics. Subsequently, he signed up for the highly anticipated Wanda Diamond League in Xiamen.

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