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“Noah Is This Generation Bolt”: Track World in Frenzy After Noah Lyles Ties for the 150M American Record at the Atlanta City Games 2024

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Noah Is This Generation Bolt”: Track World in Frenzy After Noah Lyles Ties for the 150M American Record at the Atlanta City Games 2024

The athlete who told Americans earlier this year that he would set a world record in the 200-meter sprints has accomplished something unprecedented. Noah Lyles managed a feat in the Atlanta City Games, winning not only the gold medal but also tying Tyson Gay for the American record in 14.41 seconds. The event’s official Instagram page highlighted the athlete’s success, delighting the fans.

This was a unique achievement for the track star, as it came 14 years after the retired American icon, Tyson Gay. Lyles even came closer to Usain Bolt, who posted an incredible time of 14.35 seconds back in 2009. It was a proud moment for him and the American supporters, since the athlete has demonstrated a lot of potential this year.

Coming to the Atlanta City Games, the six-time world champion was confident with his performance on the track, and when he appeared on the grid of 5, he demonstrated the same commitment to the fans. Lyles was gaining speed faster than the rest of the field, and the straight line saw him cross the finish line first, with a significant lead over second place. Today may have also been the day he broke Bolt’s record, but he needed a few seconds of pace, approximately 0.06.

This feat caught the attention of many followers on social media, as many believe the American track sensation will break more of the long-standing records this year.

“Your 100/200 champ this summer. Noah is this generation Bolt.”

This fan has a prediction for the upcoming Paris Olympics, where the athlete intends to break the 200-metre world record.

“I think he runs 19.25 just under Blake’s time by the Olympics.”

The way Lyles performed the 150-meter sprint demonstrated that he will be a tough track competitor in the next track meets.

“Nobody beating lyles over 200.”

The six-time world champion has proven his determination in the sprint, as this user expected a much slower time.

“He’s in great form. Was expecting maybe a 14.5”

This spectacular run has undoubtedly silenced many critics who argued that the athletes were simply exaggerating about the records.

“and people say hes overrated.”

Lyles has always given American supporters faith that he and his fellow USATF athletes will carry the nation’s pride forward. Despite the critics’ doubts, he has always responded with his outstanding track performance, and he has even emphasized how other American athletes are equally prepared for the forthcoming Olympics.

Noah Lyles Provides an Analysis of His Fellow Team USA Athletes

Noah Lyles is known for being candid about a variety of topics with his community. Before securing the American record at the Atlanta City Games, the athlete spoke with Citius Mag about Team USA’s long-standing dominance in worldwide events. He mentioned his, Christian Coleman’s, and Fred Kerley’s performances as world champions in recent years.

Lyles even claims that the two Americans have faster track times than he has this season, despite the fact that he has just run 100 meters in the outdoors. The entire trio is hoping for an opportunity at the Olympics in the 100 and 200-meter races, and there is a lot to prove. They are also on the right track, but they must maintain their form until the trials.

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