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“This Is So Unfortunate and Heartbreaking”: Fans Left Disappointed After USATF Backs Out From 2024 World U20 Championships Due to Safety and Other Reasons

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“This Is So Unfortunate and Heartbreaking”: Fans Left Disappointed After USATF Backs out From 2024 World U20 Championships Due to Safety and Other Reasons

With the 2024 Paris Olympics on the calendar, track and field fans can expect a massive season. The same anticipation applies to the U20 category, as they would be competing in Peru at the 2024 World U20 Championships. However, in recent news, the USATF  U20 team has pulled out from the event due to various reasons, as per Milesplit’s Instagram post.

Additionally, this has sparked a tremendous storm among supporters. While many are looking forward to the Paris Olympics, many are just as excited about the U20 event.

On its official website, the USATF released an official statement on this matter. The administrators were compelled to publish the notice since the event was scheduled to begin in August. The most anticipated update, however, had the exact opposite effect when they ruled out the U20 team.

The internal staff, security specialists, and appropriate government authorities all contributed to the final decision that USATF made. They also listed safety concerns, the upcoming event date, and their level of competitive readiness as the three primary reasons for ruling out the U20 athletes.

The safety concerns they raised in their statement stemmed from the current civil instability in Peru. They believe it is not worth putting their athletes, coaches, and other vital members in danger by going to the specific venue for the tournament.

In addition to interfering with their academic sessions for the 2024-2025 academic year, participants would miss out on several other opportunities offered by USATF due to their focus on the event.

Despite USATF stating the various factors regarding their statement, fans felt disappointed. The IG post received many comments, and many fans felt bad for the young athletes, as one fan mentions:

“This is so unfortunate and heartbreaking for the athletes contending for these elite positions. Making this team is a lifetime honor for any of these athletes. I was on this team in 2003 I can say this was one of my greatest experiences to travel and represent my country. We surely didn’t feel safe in Barbados with armed guards and barbed wire fences holding us in the university grounds. What’s the real reason for this? It’s not competitive readiness- since when was USA weak in youth track and field performance esp with the top 2 in the nation? We can do better and our athletes deserve such.”

Another fan wrote:

“My f***ing god what does usatf know about the athletes’ readiness.”

One of the fans pointed out the caliber of a popular school athlete; as they wrote:

“Competitive readiness?? u got quincy wilson running 45s at 15 years old and milers running 3:59.”

This fan was just furious over the decision of USATF; they left a comment:

“That’s ridiculous, you are taking this opportunity from them.”

The future of the young athletes was the main concern of this fan, who wrote:

“Once again the governing body for T&F fails its athletes. Shameful and inept decision making continues to hurt our sport, particularly the young athletes.”

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This year, the USATF competitors are under a lot of pressure. The sportspeople have shown a lot of interest, and several icons are even predicting that they will break records before the end of the 2024 season.

Justin Gatlin predicts USATF breaking the relay WR

The 4×100-meter relay WR has stayed intact for quite some time. At the 2012 London Olympics, a formidable Jamaican squad with track talents like Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake, and Usain Bolt established the record. Justin Gatlin believes that breaking the 36.84-second mark is not an easy feat. But, he also has his ideal team ready for this.

Noah Lyles, Christian Coleman, Fred Kerley, and Erriyon Knighton make up the four-time World Champion’s ideal USATF squad. These athletes are the best in their respective fields. However, if they combine their strengths, they will set a new WR in addition to winning the gold medal.

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