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Riot Games announces point distribution for FPX and Team Liquid following the announcement of FPX’s absence from VCT Master’s 2022

Yuvansh Ruia

EMEA Champions FunPlus Phoenix could not attend VCT Master’s 2022 due to travel restrictions. Hence, Riot releases a statement regarding points distribution today.

Due to travel restrictions in Ukraine and Russia, and COVID-19 regulations, FPX is unable to field a roster. Therefore Team Liquid will replace them, Riot Games revealed in a statement on social media today. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis has caused restricted airspace.

FPX not being able to attend would leave an EMEA slot open in VCT Master’s. Hence, Team Liquid were invited to replace FPX. However, this would create confusion regarding the points system.

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Revised point distribution for FPX and Team Liquid

Provided that FPX cannot attend VCT Masters, Riot Games has decided on a specific and special point system for FPX and Team Liquid. They have made the decision to award FPX the equivalent of an 8th place finish, which is the lowest placement they could have had at the event. The equivalent of an 8th place finish means they will be awarded with 200 circuit points and 25,000 Dollars in prize money.

On the other hand, Team Liquid will receive full points and prize money for their placement in Master’s 1. This also means that the 55 points previously awarded for their 4th place finish will be taken away.


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Reactions to revised point distribution

Fans have mixed feelings as this is an unprecedented situation. A situation like this is tough to work your way around. However, most fans agree that this is probably the best they can make of this unfortunate problem.

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