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VALORANT: Widejoy Mode is a new game mode set to launch in VALORANT; Is VALORANT pranking the fans?

Yuvansh Ruia

Riot Games announces on Twitter that a Widejoy game mode will be implemented in the game. Is this just an April Fool’s joke?

It’s an announcement that caught the entire VALORANT fan base by surprise. Riot Games just announced a ‘Widejoy Mode’ coming to the tactical shooter.

For the unaware, the ‘widejoy’ meme is an old VALORANT meme that first originated in Episode 4. It was due to a bug that rendered the in-game Killjoy player card much wider than intended. Riot was swift to reverse the bug, but the community raised repeated demands to the company in attempts of bringing ‘Widejoy’ back to VALORANT.


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Widejoy Mode

The small 57-second trailer by the VALORANT YouTube showcases the ‘Widejoy’ meme and confirms it as an official game mode set to arrive in the title. So does the newly released trailer mean that Riot is bringing the ‘Widejoy’ meme back?

It isn’t the first time Riot Games is pranking VALORANT fans on April Fools, though. If you’ve been following Valorant for a while, you’d probably remember the April Fools patch notes that changed Brimstone smokes to 100 seconds. Obviously, that patch was never implemented, and the chances of the ‘Widejoy’ mode being added to the game are also pretty slim.

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Reactions to VALORANT trolling fans

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