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Tenz’s reaction to caster’s “raisins” analogy on Paper Rex

Pranav Shetty

Tenz's reaction to caster's "raisins" analogy on Paper Rex

Sen Tenz and fans seemed unhappy after caster/analyst Jessia Bolden aka “Jessgoat” made an analogy on PRX’s performance against DRX.

Paper Rex (PRX) was the top seed team from the APAC region. With no losses coming out of APAC Challengers fans expected PRX to have a strong performance in the play-offs. PRX had booked a spot in the playoffs early on while DRX battled through the group stages gaining more experience and confidence. PRX lost to DRX (1-2) on 15th April moving to the lower bracket.

Jessica’s Analogy

The host Jacki Jing mentions that Jessica looked unhappy after PRX performance during the first half on Haven. To which Jessica replies, “It’s like you get home after a long day of school, work whatever it is and oh my God there’s cookies in the middle of the table, you bite it, you got these beautiful chocolate chip cookies but they’re raisins.”

She further mentions, “This is what Paper Rex has done to me in the first half.” The caster’s overall tone seems to indicate surprise and disappointment. She further mentions that Paper Rex has had a 100% win rate since challengers.

Tenz’s Reaction

Sentinels’ star player Tenz seemed disappointed with the caster’s statement. Tenz said, “Man it’s always like this team is playing bad, oh this team is underperforming, rather than like the other team is playing really good, they had good setups, they counter played them like other stuff like that”.


Fans’ Reactions

Fans too were disappointed with the caster’s statement. A YouTube user commented, “What people forget when they watch this pro matches is that they have hindsight. These pro players do not. They have to counterreact the plays that the other teams do in real time. Its hard, if it isn’t everyone can be a pro.

It’s not as simple as click heads get kills and some casters forgot that when they observe these games after they’re done.”. Another user commented, “It would be great if they’re replaced with like CS:GO casters, they’re very professional and they’re way much better”. To give some context Jessia has previously worked as a Rainbow Six Siege analyst, coach and commentator.

Jessica’s Tweet

Jessica posted a rather bold tweet on Sunday mentioning that some people were mad at her “raisins” analogy so she’ll “exclusively use analogies just to spite them”.

In the next tweet, she mentions that her job was to analyse both the good AND badv. She further mentions that she was not paid to be a team’s cheerleader.

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