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OpTic Gaming has advanced to the semi-finals after defeating The Guard (2-1). OpTic Marved saves the day with his Ace.

Pranav Shetty

OpTic Gaming has advanced to the semi-finals after defeating The Guard (2-1). OpTic Marved saves the day with his Ace.

These teams faced each other twice in the Champions Tour North America Stage 1: Challengers. The Guard won the Grand Finals against OpTic and earned a direct spot in the Masters Reykjavík play-offs while OpTic Gaming battled through the group stage matches writing momentum. Hence the fans have kept an eye on this rivalry.


Map 1: Icebox
The Guard347
OpTic Gaming9413

Sayaplayer Jett22718150
neT Chamber21515161
valyn Viper17212164
trent Sova16111155
JonahP Omen1449147
OpTic GamingACSKDA
yay Chamber30423122
Marved Viper22517117
Victor KAY/O20612149
crashies Sova18413125
FNS Sage16311166
Map 2: Haven
The Guard6713
OpTic Gaming257

Sayaplayer Jett3182383
neT Chamber20816102
trent Skye18515112
JonahP Breach17212155
valyn Omen162111216
OpTic GamingACSKDA
yay Chamber21715161
FNS KAY/O192121410
Victor Neon16811153
Marved Omen1449158
crashies Skye1229173
Map 3: Fracture
The Guard3811
OpTic Gaming9413

Sayaplayer Jett30227164
neT Chamber20318172
JonahP Viper16914165
valyn Brimstone167131811
trent Breach14913186
OpTic GamingACSKDA
FNS Breach24621163
Victor Neon24621172
Marved Brimstone24120178
yay Chamber18914174
crashies KAY/O1089186

Map 3 (Fracture) Comeback

The odds seemed in favour of The Guard at 10-4. Round 15 was the turning point for OpTic Gaming, Marved scored an ace, breaking The Guard’s Momentum and the team seemed back on track. Victor shined in the last 2-3 rounds of the game. FNS top fragged with Breach, yay and crashies provided great support. FNS was lauded by the fans for his amazing performance as an individual and an IGL.

A reddit user commented “FNS is a tactical genius. He is best known for his signature tactic ‘FNS go kill’. He also has a second little known tactic of ‘FNS dead – friends go save’. What an absolute legend. Top 3 IGL for sure…” Sayaplayer gave an amazing performance but his team couldn’t stop the turning tide. The Guard is a relatively new team and they pushed an experienced team like OpTic Gaming to their limit. They’re expected to perform strongly in the lower rounds.



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