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Sachin Tendulkar reveals the toughest series of his playing career

Siddharth Nair

Sachin Tendulkar makes a shocking revelation about his biopic

Legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar is busy supporting the Mumbai Indians in the ongoing IPL season. While he regularly cheers his former team, he is also spotted promoting his upcoming biopic, SACHIN : A billion dreams, which will hit the movie theaters later this month. In a recent press release, Sachin Tendulkar reveals the toughest series of his playing career as the 1999 tour to Australia.

“The toughest series without any doubt was in 1999 when we went to Australia and they had a great side. In a team of 11, you had literally seven to eight match winners and the rest were also very good. That was a team which dominated world cricket for a number of years. They had their own style of playing, very aggressive,” Tendulkar said.

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“I still remember in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, the brand of cricket they played, impressed the whole world. Everyone wanted to play that brand of cricket. Though we all respect our styles of playing, but everyone felt that the brand of cricket they played was special.

“They were able to do that consistently. It was a world class team,” he said.

“If I have to compare Test cricket and ODI cricket, without any doubt, the greatest satisfaction is when you do well in Test cricket and you do something special for the team.”

“It was the biggest lesson of my life. When I got back to the dressing room, the first thing I asked was I need something to eat. I decided from that day that this should not be the reason for me to get out,” Tendulkar said.

“Invariably, when you don’t focus on nutrition, before losing the game, the first thing you lose is concentration. I started focusing on my nutritional intake along with my mental preparation and physical preparation,” he added.

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