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Sentinels Valorant to acquire Zekken and Dephh

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Sentinels Valorant to acquire Zekken and Dephh

The Sentinels Valorant Roster is set to pick up Xset Zekken and Dephh. The Top Duelist and IGL are vital to Xset’s progress in NA.

Valorant Franchising is leading to some beautiful team changes in NA so far. Cryocells from Xset has already transferred to 100 Thieves, while the rest of Xset’s team status is unknown.

OpTic yay is set to either join c9 or a completely different organization. He even rejected an offer from an APAC team worth $1 million.

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Zekken Joining Sentinels Valorant Roster

The above tweet is ripped straight from the Sentinels Twitter page. It clearly states that the former Xset star duelist is joining the ranks of Sentinels as they rebuild.

The fans responded positively to this change and hurried to congratulate zekken and Sentinels on their new partnership. Essentially the new sentinels are going to combine two organizations.

Sentinels hired GHST gaming, Xset’s players, and coaching staff to remake their team. Even SykkoNT, the head coach from Xset, is now the head coach of Sentinels.

Xset Dephh

As for Dephh, the IGL is also joining the Sentinels roster, much to the absolute dismay of current IGL ShahZam. When he was recently streaming, and the news leaked, ShahZam expressed his disappointment.

“Wanna know the best part? I just found out with you guys, three years on the team, and I find out like this.” ShahZam was visibly frustrated while hearing the news.

Apart from ShahZam, everyone in the community took the news well. SEN tarik, Zombs, and SEN shroud responded positively to the news while the fans were excited.

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Although, former Valorant professional Hiko thought the Sentinels could have handled the situation better.

“You can’t let your player find out through articles. The least you can do is inform them beforehand.” Hiko also said it is essential to have the decency to let a player know before getting fired.

Since most rosters are not confirmed yet, there are a lot of changes NA is going to experience going forward until the end of February.

Ascension League begins at the end of February and goes on till March.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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