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Stephen Curry Pre-Game Routine: Tunnel Shot, 100M dash, and everything else the Warriors’ superstar does to get in zone for the Game

Raahib Singh

Stephen Curry Pre-Game Routine: Tunnel Shot, 100M dash, and everything else the Warriors' superstar does to get in zone for the Game

A brief insight into how Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry prepares himself for the game, and how he adapts his routine 

Before doing anything important, it is always right to get into the right mindset for it. Each person has their own way to ‘hype up’ and get into the zone. When one plays over 80 games a season(100, if playoffs are included), it is important to have consistency.

Stephen Curry has figured out what works for him, and has kept nitpicking at it, and has a rather spectacular routine. Stephen Curry and his pre-game warmups became so famous, that people used to show up to games hours before time. They all came early just to see Curry prepare himself for the game. His routine is something Steph designed to be fun, but at the same time, get locked in, and into the zone.

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In an old clip, Stephen Curry was seen discussing how he came about his pre-game routine. It wasn’t something he had planned, but it’s just little things that he kept doing. Whatever felt right, he kept in the routine, other things, he discarded.

Stephen Curry and his pre-game rituals and routine

Curry’s pregame routine has quite a few variables, but there are some things that haven’t changed over time. Here are a few:

  • Walking onto the court with his laces untied: Curry always gets to the court for the warm-up with his laces untied, which he ties on the bench.
  • Ball Handling Drills: Being a point guard, having a good handle on the ball is primary. Stephen Curry spends quite some time warming up and preparing with various drills.
  • Getting up at least 100 shots: Before every game, Stephen Curry attempts over 100 shots during the warmup, while attempting every kind of shot he may need for that game.

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  • Tunnel Shot: Started in 2013, Curry always attempts and shoots shots from the tunnel while going back to the locker room. Warriors’ staff member named Curtis passes him the ball, and Curry heaves the shot.

While it was a fan favorite at Oracle, the tunnel was blocked when the Warriors shifted to Chase Center. Curry found a way around it, and came up with a new shot.

  • The 100M Dash: After his tunnel shot, Steph runs from the tunnel straight to the locker room. While Curry isn’t sure about the length of the dash, he likes to call it the 100 Meter dash.
  • Lock-In Tweet: The last thing Curry likes to do before he steps on the court is sending out his Lock-In tweet.

The routine may keep changing, but these constants stick. Well, they sure have been working their magic, as Curry had a career season last year. He would sure like to repeat the same this year as well.

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Raahib Singh

Raahib Singh


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