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Adin Ross Joins BenDaDonnn to Announce Drake’s Entry at His Florida Concert, While Fans Fear the Streamer Might Be on Drugs

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Fans speculate Adin Ross on drugs after him acting weird at Drake's concert

Fans were delighted after Adin David Ross appeared on the big screen at Drake’s Florida concert. A massively popular live streamer, Adin is known for the friends he has in high places. He even grew quite close to Drake after the rapper decided to join and make special appearances on the 23-year-old’s streams. As a matter of fact, Adin Ross has shared space with the music legend in several instances.

Fans were recently surprised when they got to see Adin Ross join BenDaDonnn, a musical artist, to announce Drake’s entry at his Florida concert on March 24. However, most people were confused by the 23-year-old’s behavior during the announcement. The entire announcement was made by BenDaDonnn himself, and Adin did nothing but accompany him on-screen. Moreover, fans were quick to spot the Kick star looking disoriented and uncomfortable at the event.

While the page AdinUpdate shared the viral clip on X, the streamer’s unnatural behavior made the online community suspect him of doing drugs. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since Adin has been addicted to Lean in the past, and there has been quite a lot of speculation about his alleged drug use in recent days. Hence, even though a few people claimed Adin was just drunk or emotional during the announcement, the majority speculated he had used c**aine.

Fans believe the Adin Ross X Drake collaboration isn’t far away

Adin Ross is known for his collaborations and has linked up with several popular personalities on his streams. Although Drake and the 23-year-old have connected on call several times while live streaming, the singer has never appeared physically on Adin’s live broadcast. However, fans took Adin Ross’s presence at Drake’s concert as a sign and believed they will soon be collaborating on a stream.

The 23-year-old has already fumbled on a similar opportunity beforehand. Reports state that the streamer was personally invited by Drake to attend a few of his tour shows previously in 2023. However, the Miami-based star turned down the offer and claimed that he was not doing well. In fact, even Adin’s manager ridiculed the excuse and said, “Drake personally invited him to his show, and this idiot is f**king sick. He’s making up excuses.”

Naturally, the online community wasn’t happy with Adin’s decision to turn Drake down. While some wondered what Adin had on his mind while turning down the offer, others claimed he was throwing away an incredibly rare opportunity. However, now that Adin and Drake’s connection seems stronger than ever, it won’t be surprising if the two decide to collaborate on an upcoming livestream.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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