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Adin Ross Praised for Changing Lives After the Internet Learned How He Saved One of His Fighters From Homelessness

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Fans praised Adin Ross for changing people's lives

Adin David Ross is being praised by social media for changing lives after people learned how he helped one of his fighters escape homelessness. Adin Ross is among the wealthiest live streamers in the global industry. After becoming one of the prime members of the Kick streaming platform, he has provided a platform for several newcomers to showcase their skills in content creation.

Apart from his regular live broadcasts, the 23-year-old streamer has also conducted boxing matches in his warehouse. These boxing events even allow beginners to fight under Adin’s card and make a name for themselves. Likewise, Adin Ross recently organized the 3rd Brank Risk Promotions Event which had four undercard fights while Hatecaps went against Jaydvn for the main event.

Although most of the fighters left viewers impressed, Jaydvn stood out for his fighting skills as well as his incredible backstory. Upon being asked about his past, the fighter claimed that he was living out of his car even three months before the event. However, Adin rescued him from that position and even gave him a chance to perform at the boxing promotion event where he was watched by thousands. Jaydvn appeared pretty grateful for the opportunity and proudly claimed, “We made it out of the hood man!”

It is important to note that Jaydvn was a live streamer and YouTuber from the NBA 2k community who had around 100k followers on Twitch. However, circumstances forced him to quit streaming and live out of his car. Now with the help of Adin Ross, he has been given a second chance as he got accepted into Kick’s Creator Program. The newcomer has also performed spectacularly at Adin’s boxing events, which helped him garner a lot of fame.

What did fans have to say about Adin’s generosity?

Adin Ross is one of the very few live streamers known for their generosity. There have been several occasions where the 23-year-old got to display his generous side. Despite Adin’s controversial status, he has been helping his colleagues as well as other strangers for some time now. Moreover, Adin’s position on Kick has allowed him to promote several small-scale live streamers and give them an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Similarly, Adin helped Jaydvn gain a proper fanbase before accepting him into Kick’s creator program. Fans believe if Jay sticks to the job at hand and takes advantage of the opportunity,  he will turn his life around for good. The clip of Jay sharing his story was shared by AdinUpdate on X (formerly Twitter). The online community showed love and respect towards the streamer for caring and changing people’s lives. Most fans even claimed they were ready to look past the controversies surrounding Adin if he continued helping others this way.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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