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“He made them cut incriminating himself in a federal crime” – Logan Paul claims to have footage that can send Dillon Danis to jail

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Logan Paul claims that he has footage of Dillon Danis incriminating himself of a federal crime

Logan Paul is a household name in the streaming and content creation industry. He is known for his vlog-style videos and he even hosts his own podcast, Impaulsive. Moreover, Logan has also made a name for himself in the world of wrestling alongside becoming famous as the co-founder of Prime Energy Drink. However, recently, Logan raised eyebrows when he claimed to have a clip of Dillon Danis incriminating himself in a federal crime. 

Dillon Danis is a professional MMA fighter from America who is well-known for his competitive fights in the Welterweight division of Bellator MMA. Incidentally, Dillon has an upcoming exhibition boxing fight against Logan scheduled to take place on October 14, 2023. However, the MMA fighter decided to troll Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal by uploading explicit pictures of Nina with other men in the lead-up to the fight. 

Naturally, Logan Paul decided to stand up against Dillon Danis in the aftermath of Nina’s harassment. Let’s dive in to find out what Logan claims to have that can send Dillon to jail, shall we?

Logan Paul claims to have unedited clips of Dillon Danis

The Face-off interview between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis took place a while back and the interview turned out to be quite fierce. Logan used this opportunity to speak his mind about the Nina Agdal controversy. But Dillon’s presence turned out to be quite embarrassing. He was seen stuttering wildly during the interview and Logan claims the edited footage had a lot missing from the original interview. 

Logan explained in a recent video on Twitter that he had finally had the Face-off interview between and Dillon. But according to him, about 10 minutes worth of footage was missing from the video. Logan later stated that Dillon had contacted DAZN and instructed them to cut out portions of his stuttering and stumbling over sentences. 

Logan also said that clips of Dillon lying and incriminating himself of federal crime were cut out from the video. But Prime co-founder claimed that he had the original version of the face-off and assured that he would be posting the clips within 24 hours. Moreover, he ended by stating, “But Dillon don’t worry brother, People are gonna see it.”

The online community had mixed reactions to the video. According to them, Logan Paul is not the one worthy enough to talk about federal crimes. A commenter stated that it takes one to find another one. Many people believed no one cared about the drama and also stated that Logan was doing this so he did not need to fight.

Dillon Danis shares his thoughts about the situation

Dillon Danis stated on his Twitter handle that he did not commit any federal crime. He also added, “Everything is public, and I will prove that”. According to Dillon, Logan is just trying to hide the “truth” about Nina Agdal in order to save her self-image. 

Dillon also explained the situation during a live stream with Adin Ross and Andrew Tate. He said that Logan did not want to fight him and wanted him to pull out of the fight so he could be the hero. Dillon also mentioned that he has to pay more than 400k dollars in attorney fees and lawyer fees even if he wins the case. He said that the entire situation created by Logan and his fiancee was just bullsh*t. The online community stated that he could easily earn enough money through X (Twitter) to pay the lawyer fees while many asked him to learn from the mistakes he had made.

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