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“Her daddy knows people” – FaZe Rain states that FaZe will lose sponsorships if they lose Grace Van Dien

Nilotpal Chakraborty

FaZe needs Grace Van Dien

FaZe Clan is a gaming organization with many top-rated members who are professionally skilled at gaming. It was recently stated by Nordan “FaZe Rain’ Shat that Grace Van Dien joining a few months back and still surviving in FaZe is all because her dad has some great industry connections.  

FaZe Rain said that FaZe wants some big investors and sponsorships. Grace Van Dien is a medium to get the necessary sponsorships, and they are talking about huge organizations.

But FaZe Rain does not seem to like the idea behind what happens in FaZe and with Grace. Let’s dive in and examine why the organization is not yet ready to let out Grace and FaZe Rain’s reaction.

FaZe Rain believes FaZe will lose sponsorships if they let go of Grace Van Dien

FaZe Rain, one of the co-founders of FaZe, was recently invited to join as a guest at Bradley Martyn’s podcast Raw Talk. They did have deeper discussions about FaZe Clan and its future. FaZe states in the podcast that they are in search of huge investors. He is then asked about Grace Van Dien joining FaZe. 

Rain starts speaking about a business meeting where he and other founders were asked to state their opinions about Grace being in FaZe. He added that all the founders replied why she should even stay where she was not wanted. Then Rain specified that they were told FaZe would lose top-tier sponsors like McDonald’s and Porsche if she did not remain because her dad had connections. 

FaZe Rain says that Grace is just being used as damage control. She does not bring in massive numbers, so she is not a dominating person used for achieving numbers. He also adds that she is just called an industry plant who does not get paid. Rain feels it is okay to bring in people as recruits if they are talented. But he thinks bringing her in only because her dad has connections is wholly messed up. 

This conversation pulled in many online reactions, and here is what people have to say.

Will Grace still be a part of FaZe remains a mystery. FaZe Rain wants Kick to buy FaZe, and click here to know the reason behind it.

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