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Kai Cenat Breaks Down After Finding His Pet Fish Dead, Fans Question Why He Recorded Such an Emotional Moment

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Kai Cenat cried on stream after losing his pet goldfish

Kai Carlo Cenat III broke down crying in a recent viral clip from his latest Twitch livestream after he found his newly received pet fish dead in the aquarium. For a brief context, Kai Cenat is currently one of the leading and most celebrated live streamers on the Twitch streaming platform. He is well known for his high-voltage collaboration streams apart from gaming, reaction, and IRL content.

A couple of days back, Kai Cenat showed his viewers a new pet goldfish that he had received from one of his fans. Although the streamer was elated about his new pet, there was a quick turn in the atmosphere when his on-stream chat shared their thoughts on how the pet fish would not last even a month or even a week.  However, the streaming sensation cared for the goldfish and was determined to keep it safe in order to prove his viewers wrong.

Unfortunately, a recent viral clip showcased Kai Cenat in a completely different situation. He was seen crying while sitting on his chair, and the reason for the emotional breakdown was specified when Kai proceeded to walk up to the fish aquarium. The viral clip showed the newly received pet goldfish floating on its side completely dead. The streamer cried out loud, banged on the glass aquarium, and with a spark of hope asked, “No…no…no…no, he is alive right? Dude…no…”

Although a vast majority of the reactions were dismissive a few of his fans cared for his feelings toward his pet. People stated how they felt bad for Kai Cenat and his pet fish and wished the goldfish would have lived longer. In response to some of the hate, a commenter explained how taking care of a pet fish is very difficult and suggested the streamer buy a new one and take better care of it. Several Twitter users also commented “R.I.P.” for the pet fish.

Fans question Kai’s decision to record such an emotional moment

This viral clip of Kai Cenat crying for his dead goldfish seemed quite strange to his fans. A commenter clearly explained his thoughts on how it was very strange of the streamer to record his dead fish and himself crying. According to the user, if a person finds his/her pet dead, they would grieve alone or with loved ones instead of recording the unfortunate situation. 

However, a few Twitter users had the wildest thoughts about the viral clip. A person claimed he was surprised to see the fish survive even a few days tolerating all the screaming Kai Cenat does at home. Another person questioned his love for the fish and mentioned the cheap glass bowl he had bought instead of a good aquarium. At the same time, others speculated that the emotional breakdown was all acting, they stated how it was an Oscar-worthy performance.

The most unexpected of them all was when a commenter who alleged that Kai Cenat had killed the pet goldfish on purpose to generate views and clout. Several others even seemed to support him as they questioned why people were normalizing animal abuse.

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Nilotpal Chakraborty

Nilotpal Chakraborty


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