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“I can’t send any more messages bro” – Sza is annoyed with Kai Cenat and calls him weird and exhausting

Nilotpal Chakraborty

SZA stated that she is annoyed and exhausted with Kai Cenat and his fans

Solana Imani Rowe popularly known by her stage name “SZA” is a singer and song-writer well-received by the audience. Although SZA had shown some interest in Kai Cenat previously, she had made it clear recently that she was annoyed with him and his fans because they were weird and exhausting.

Kai Cenat is currently the most popular live streamer in the world with millions of followers on Twitch. He also recently received the Streamer of the Year Award at The Streamy’s. People found his gaming and reaction content to be very exciting so he was catapulted to fame. Kai Cenat has always made it clear that SZA was his celebrity crush and later got to click a few pictures with her. 

But SZA has recently updated that she is weirded out, exhausted, and annoyed with Kai Cenat’s fans. Let’s dive in to understand the reason behind the statement. 

SZA Calls Kai Cenat and his fans weird, exhausting, and annoying

Kai Cenat has openly accepted multiple times that SZA is his celebrity crush. The connection between the two got stronger after Kai decided to react to her songs on live stream and SZA began to post his reactions on her Instagram stories. Kai got the opportunity to meet her later on and got o click a few pictures with and SZA displayed interest in appearing on Kai Cenat’s live streams. 

A couple of days ago, Kai Cenat proceeded to send SZA a text stating that “I got an idea”. Saddened by no replies from her side, he stepped forward and sent a couple more texts to her. Kai never received any reply from her and in turn, Kai found recently that he was not able to send any messages to her”. His heart was instantly crushed knowing that she had blocked him. Kai stated on stream “I can’t send any more messages bro”. 

Kai Cenat’s fans did not take this situation lightly. They spammed SZA’s inbox with tons of messages stating to unblock him. SZA was clearly not happy about the spamming messages and wrote that she was annoyed by the happening and that was the reason behind her not posting or talking about anything. She also called them all weird and exhausting. 

The online community was in complete understanding of the situation. People were in complete agreement with what SZA wrote but they asked SZA, why she didn’t block all the annoying fans. 

The truth is revealed

It was later revealed that SZA never blocked him. It was merely a new Instagram update that allows people to DM beyond a certain number of messages only if the sender is on the person’s followers list. 

Kai Cenat was not happy about his fan’s decision to spam her inbox. He spoke about the situation on one of his latest streams and asked his fans to let SZA alone. He stated, “Leave her the f**k alone bro”. Kai also let his fans know that SZA did not block him. He further added that it was perfectly okay even if she did block him. Kai also proceeded to call his fans parasocial stating “You all be telling me I am parasocial? Ni***, it is you all ni****, You feeling me?”. 

Netizens were convinced that Kai Cenat was fed up with the situation. They were also happy that he was addressing the situation which promoted positivity and respect. 

Kai Cenat has faced several controversial situations in his career. Click here to learn why Kai Cenat was arrested in NYC and learn about the various charges pressed on him.

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