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“I am beyond disappointed” – Kai Cenat shares his thoughts about the NYC riot incident

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Kai Cenat shares his thoughts about the NYC riot

Kai Cenat is one of the leading Twitch live streamers in the world. He is well known for being crazy and for his humorous content on Twitch and YouTube. It was a couple of days back, he was detained by the NYPD in Union Square, NYC. Kai Cenat was charged for inducing a riot among many other charges.

Kai Cenat wanted to organize a meet and greet with his fans. He had also planned for a PS5 giveaway. But a couple of thousands of people showed up and things took a turn. People started a riot, harassing each other and also damaging public property. NYPD had to interfere to stop the mess and thereafter Kai Cenat and a couple of other people were arrested. 

Kai Cenat opened up about his thoughts in his latest live stream. Let’s dive in to understand what he thinks about the messed up situation

Kai Cenat shares his thoughts about the riot

Kai Cenat informed his viewers that he had his first court date on August 16, 2023. According to him, he won’t be able to live stream for some time but he will eventually be back. Being his last live stream for a while, he decided to share his thoughts about the riot in NYC. 

Kai Cenat started by saying that he is beyond disappointed in anybody who was destructive that day. It was 100% not cool, none of the shit that happened that day was cool. He stated that he has taken a look at the things that happened that day and exclaims that he was beyond disappointed. 

Kai wants people to know that none of the happenings were his intentions. Kai Cenat presented surety that he only had good intentions for the whole thing. He makes sure to state that he does not condone any of the disgusting things that went on that day. He tells that he was watching a few videos and he was asking himself, “Why!, like why?” while watching. 

Kai shares with his viewers that he had always wanted to give back to the community that made him who he was. He tells that every big person will agree that it feels good to give back and do nice things to the community from where you have come. Kai Cenat finally explains that he has now understood the amount of power and influence he has on the people. He finishes off telling, “I have come to realize that shit”. 

Here is what the online community had to say to his explanation. 

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