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“We Will Talk About What You Have Seen in the Entertainment Industry” – Sneako Plans for a Surprise Collaboration With Justin Bieber

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Sneako invited Justin Bieber on his channel asking him to expose the truth about entertainment industry

Nico “Sneako” Kenn De Ballinthazy recently put forth an open invitation for Justin Bieber to come on-stream and reveal the truth about Hollywood. Considered one of the most controversial live streamers in the industry, Sneako is known to pick and discuss some of the most disputed topics from around the world.

It was for similar reasons, that he went on to invite Justin Bieber, a popular multi-genre Canadian singer to his stream. Based on various sources, the American entertainment industry is packed with disturbing secrets that celebrities do not want to open up about. Since the singer has been in the industry for a long time, Sneako wanted him to expose the truths about Hollywood.

Although the worldwide “Me Too Movement” has shed a lot of light on the disturbing scenario, Sneako believed there is more to the picture. During his recent live stream, he suddenly addressed the singer/songwriter directly, stating,

“Open invitation to Justin Bieber… we will talk about what you have seen in the entertainment industry. Justin Bieber, I want to know what you have seen in Hollywood…we know you’ve seen some sh*t… you can come and expose it. Open invitation on Rumble…”

He claimed that Justin Bieber need not be afraid because his Rumble channel was a safe and open space to speak. Besides, people were also shocked when Sneako insisted that a lot of people he knows and has spoken to including Ryan Garcia have already given him hints about the issues in the entertainment industry.

Fans believe Justin Bieber will never respond to Sneako

Although Sneako appeared hopeful about getting Justin Bieber on his stream, the online community claimed that the streamer was equally controversial as the entire entertainment industry. Fans asked why Justin would even bother listening to him when his colleagues and streaming platform neglected him.

When talking about how Sneako is neglected by the streaming industry, fans took up the example of Power Slap event 6, where a lot of top streaming talents were invited. Naturally, Adin David Ross, Kai Carlo Cenat III, and Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. were among the invitees. However, IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat were seen walking past Sneako as if they didn’t know him whereas Adin Ross, despite being a close friend, did not consider meeting or creating content with him. Furthermore, Sneako, a Rumble streamer was removed from the VIP section of the event although Rumble was the event’s streaming partner.

On the other hand, the Rumble streamer has tried inviting other guests including Kanye West. However, although Sneako has worked under the rapper for his Presidential campaign, he never responded. 

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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Nilotpal Chakraborty


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