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Alexis Ohanian Compares Serena Williams to Picasso as Part of His Big 5-Year Mission

Advait Jajodia

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Alexis Ohanian is the biggest supporter of Serena Williams. Not just by being present in the stands, but the former co-founder of Reddit also displayed his admiration for his wife by collecting numerous trading cards over the past five years. After showing his 3000-card collection to the 23-time Grand Slam winner, Ohanian revealed his objective for doing the same (as per Sportico).

Alexis Ohanian recently collaborated with Boardroom and Alt Trading Card Marketplace on Instagram. In the reel posted by the three accounts, Ohanian is seen revealing his massive Serena Williams trading card collection to her. As expected, the former World No.1 was stunned and in awe of her husband.

The venture capitalist explained that he would rather want his grandchildren and great-grandchildren to have possession of such a great collection of cards, rather than any other museum.

“The whole plan for this is that like grandkids, great-grandkids, they’ll have this collection and probably 100 years from now museums will want to put pieces of this up for the public display.

“But I don’t want our grandkids never have to go to museums of someone else’s possession. They should be the ones wearing that. So, that’s why we got the greatest collection of all time,” Ohanian said.

In a conversation with Sportico, the 41-year-old compared Williams to ‘Picasso’ and claimed that he wanted to own every Picasso painting (Serena Williams’ trading card) as possible. This has been one of his goals for the last five years.

“It’s ink on a dead tree. (But) if I’m married to Picasso, I’d want to own every Picasso I can. And I’d want to make sure my great-grandkids have all these Picassos. That’s been my mindset for five or six years,” Ohanian added.

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Fans reacting to the video were impressed. Social media users revealed that Ohanian was in “love love” following his beautiful gesture.

Serena isn’t the only athlete whose cards Ohanian has been collecting. Being one of his many passions, Alexis has been collecting cards of different athletes since the 1990s.

Apart From Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian Also Owns Several Trading Cards of Alex Morgan

Alexis Ohanian has the trading cards of the best athletes in the world such as Michael Jordan, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Roger Federer, and several others. Alex Morgan, the distinguished American soccer legend, is one of the many athletes whose trading cards Ohanian owns.

A few weeks back, Ohanian revealed that he added a new card to his Alex Morgan collection –  “PSA 10 GEM-MT Alex Morgan 2011 Panini REWE Rookie Card Womens World Cup Germany. Taking it to his Story, Alexis captioned it:

“Boom! Got a few of these back from PSA graded 10! @alexmorgan13 I’m gonna bring one next @wearelagc meetup”

Apart from his love for collecting trading cards, Ohanian’s action also reveals that he is a huge supporter of women in sports.

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