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Andy Murray is coming back for the US Open and French Open this season; subject to fitness

Subham Jindal

Andy Murray is coming back for the US Open and French Open

Andy Murray is planning a major comeback to the tennis circuit by hoping to play the US Open and the French Open this season, provided his hip holds up.

The multiple Grand Slam champion has been out of action since November with a pelvic injury. He will mark his return to tennis in an all-British tournament hosted by his brother Jamie Murray this week.

This tournament will give Murray the chance to get some competitive action under his belt before the ATP tour resumes in August.

The US Open is set to take place behind closed doors from 31 August, with the French Open starting on 27 September

Will Andy Murray play the US Open despite the coronavirus threat?

Leading players like Simona Halep and Rafael Nadal are apprehensive of travelling to the US to play at Flushing Meadows. This is primarily due to the reason that USA is the most affected nation because of coronavirus.

However, Murray is happy to return to New York, even with restrictions of various kinds.

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“Playing the Grand Slams would be my priority,” said the Scot. “The schedule is tricky and I understand the reason why it is like that.

“I don’t mind what the situation is, providing it is safe.

“If I was told I could take one person with me, for example, you can make that work. I’d probably go with a physio and some coaching could be done remotely.”

Andy Murray’s hip surgery

The Scot had a career-saving hip surgery in 2019, before his latest long-term injury layoff.

“My hip has been feeling better for probably the past three or four weeks,” he added.

“Right now, I feel a little bit more confident because I’ve had more training under my belt, more practice. In March time, I’d only been practising for four or five weeks since I’d had the issues.”

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