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‘King Richard’ Memories Rekindled as Serena Williams and Venus Williams’ Old Training Footage With Rick Macci Goes Viral: WATCH

Tanmay Roy

'King Richard' Memories Rekindled as Serena Williams and Venus Williams' Old Training Footage With Rick Macci Goes Viral: WATCH

The United States Tennis Association is dedicated to promoting, improving, and finding new talents in tennis in the US. It has now shared a clip of the most celebrated tennis sister duo to come out of the States. The video brings back memories of how the Williams sisters struggled to get into the sport and the sacrifices their father Richard Williams made. Not to forget coach Rick Macci’s essential role in developing their game.

At ages 10 and 12 respectively, Serena Williams and Venus Williams went under the wings of their coach Rick Macci. From there on, there has been no looking back for both of them. Richard Williams, a Compton man who worked as a security guard as a youngster, moved around a lot during his daughters’ childhood. It was to ensure his daughters got the necessary training to excel in the sport.

The Williams sisters were born in Michigan and their entire family later moved to Compton and then Florida. Their father Richard was the first-ever coach the sisters ever had. Therefore, shifting to Florida due to that being the location of Macci’s academy, took a lot of patience. The veteran coach initially didn’t agree to a lot of what Richard had to say. Fans of the 2021 movie ‘King Richard’ will remember this.

However, despite their differences, Macci managed to train Richard Williams’ daughters into bonafide champions. Under Rick Macci’s instructions, both Serena and Venus Williams practiced nearly 30 hours per week as early teenagers. They also did boxing, ballet, and taekwondo. In 2007, Venus and Serena Williams recalled their journey, which started in 1992, to Tennis Channel. Here it is, as shared by the

“We were brainwashed. We just practiced, practiced, practiced because we believed we could reach the top,” Serena Williams had said.

“We were just young and playing hours of tennis, having fun, reaching for the dream,” said Venus Williams.

However, it was Rick Macci, who had a lot to say about the young girls who became tennis superstars.

“They were technically flawed and very raw, and they improvised a lot, but it was obvious they had the goods to transcend the sport. Venus was so tall, could run like the wind, and had incredible power. The world of tennis had never seen anything like her. Serena had a fighting spirit that was off the charts. I was quoted at the time saying they’d be No. 1 and No. 2 in the world, and that was a mouthful,” Rick Macci said back then.

The video doing the rounds online is also probably something that Richard Williams gave to USTA. Coming from a humble background, the success journey of the Williams sisters, as well as their father, is something that makes every American and especially, African-Americans proud. This old footage of them practicing is further proof of the nostalgia it brings with it.

What was Rick Macci’s deal with Serena Williams and Venus Williams in 1992?

Since the Williams were from a humble family, Rick Macci, a known coach, didn’t really charge any upfront fees from their father Richard Williams. Seeing their raw talent, Macci was simply determined to help them grow into successful professional tennis players, just like their dad did. Although there were no upfront fees, Rick Macci did insert a deal in there for the Williams sisters. The deal was that he would get 15% of Serena and Venus Williams’ future earnings.

Given that Venus’ prize money earnings are $45 million and Serena Williams’ is $95 million approx, Macci made many millions from that deal. Today, Rick Macci’s net worth is $2 million according to multiple media reports, with his other major source of earnings being his bestseller books, Macci Magic: Extracting Greatness from Yourself and Others and Billion Dollar Mind: A Practical Guide to Mental Strength in the Game of Life.

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