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Nick Kyrgios Defends Jannik Sinner From Influencer’s Massive Criticism Amidst Italian’s Relationship With Ex, Anna Kalinskaya

Tanmay Roy

Nick Kyrgios Defends Jannik Sinner After Journalist Compares One Major Aspect Of His Game to Aryna Sabalenka

Amid the Jannik Sinner mania that has gripped the tennis world, it is rare to find any information unflattering to him. Yet, an X user managed to secure a statistic that shows Sinner has a lower forehand speed on average than Aryna Sabalenka based on their Round 1 matches. While factually that might be true, it does overlook various other factors, which Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios was quick to point out.

Tennis journalist Bastien Fachan used an Infosys-powered stat while bringing up this point. Fachan tweeted the following:

“Average forehand speed, Roland-Garros R1: Jannik Sinner – 122 km/h Aryna Sabalenka – 125 km/h.”

Nick Kyrgios, however, wasn’t at all happy with the comparison and gave a befitting reply. While Kyrgios was respectful towards Sabalenka, he explained the intricacies of tennis and how several factors should also be considered.

Things like shot placement, court positions, and playing style aren’t covered in the comparison, which caught Kyrgios’ eyes. The Australian also added that games for men and women are very different, considering men rely more on spin to earn points, whereas women have an edge with speed.

“Literally means zero. Shot placement, court position, men hit more spin, more variety. Although Sabalenka is a very powerful player,” Kyrgios’ tweet read.

While Kyrgios’ comment was logical and not at all dismissive towards Sabalenka, it was also meant as a cushion of support for Sinner. This, although, creates an interesting equation since Jannik Sinner is currently dating Nick Kyrgios’s ex-girlfriend. Could this mean there is no bad blood between the two tennis stalwarts?

Jannik Sinner Is Dating Anna Kalinskaya, Nick Kyrgios’ ex-Girlfriend

Jannik Sinner, who is always secretive about his private life, has recently opened up about dating fellow tennis player Anna Kalinskaya. Although he chose to not reveal much about their union, he did mention that they were very happy together.

“You know, I don’t like to talk much about my private life. Yes, I’m with Anna, but we keep everything very confidential. I won’t say more,” Sinner said during a recent press conference, as reported by Vogue.

Notably, Anna Kalinskaya is well-recognized for previously dating Nick Kyrgios. The duo were even spotted at NBA games and other places around New York during their relationship. It, however, ended on a sour note, with Kalinskaya once requesting a fan to not ask questions about him. She even shared in her Instagram story that Kyrgios was a ‘bad person’.

Fast forward to 2024, Kalinskaya seems to be in a good place in her private life. The power couple was also spotted supporting each other at the French Open during their respective matches.

Nick Kyrgios, too, is at peace with his personal life, having buried the demons of the past. He is currently happy in a relationship with Costeen Hatzi.

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