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All The Trash Talk In The Build Up To McGregor Vs Mayweather

Kevin Sojan

“I’m an Elephant. Elephants don’t beef with ants”

“As soon as I touched down in Las Vegas, he retired twice”

“McGregor you little b****”

“F*** Floyd Mayweather”

It has been less than a month since the announcement for the formidable fight and the trash talk has gone from casual size-ups to straight up cussing.

The matchup has been confirmed for August 26th and the much awaited moment has been taking both fighters’ training to another level.

McGregor dropped out of the UFC season to get his boxing rhythm going while Mayweather took up Cryotherapy (low temperature body recovery) and Bikram Yoga to get back in pre-retirement shape.

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The bettings have reached record breaking heights but the odds are still in Mayweather’s favor, especially after the Money Team released a 30 second video of him pulverizing a bouncing box bag.

Folks are really doubting McGregor’s boxing experience while a few do believe his youth, height and reach could make for an interesting fight.

The bout now coined “The Money Fight” has everyone talking.

Amongst the populace to share their fight talk, Manny Pacquiao weighs in about the fight.

Being Mayweather’s 48th win, Pacquiao says the fight could turn out “very boring” and jabs on McGregor’s boxing experience being laughable going against Mayweather.

The Pac-man is also prepping for a fight with underdog Jeff Horn, an Australian native boxer, and has his career on the table but he is confident that his south paw jabs will give him an edge.

There were sources citing that McGregor has aid from Pac’s previous box coach and sparring partner to help him with Mayweather’s offensive fundamentals.

If McGregor is training in the likes of Pac, he may have better odds since McGregor, like Pac, is a south paw.

Whatever the training for both fighters amount to, Pac believes this fight is a well-marketed, publicized bout that will end up to be uneventful and boring.

He says he is more hyped about the fight between middle weights Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez, “the best vs. the best, a real fight” as Pac puts it comparing with The Money Fight.

Gennady Golovkin also had a few words to share regarding McGregor Vs. Mayweather calling it a sideshow to his own fight with Canelo. Golovkin says,“This is not a fight.

My fight with ‘Canelo,’ this is fight. This is a show,”  as he went on rampantly calling the Money Fight for what it really is, showbiz.

Canelo, on the other hand, didn’t put up much of a comment saying that the fans would know a real fight when they see one.

Tyson Fury, former Heavyweight Champion, against the odds believes McGregor will not only win the fight but will knock out Mayweather in the first few rounds.

A very bold statement considering Mayweather’s career record against McGregor’s. However, John Kavanagh, SBG headcoach, reveals to the public that McGregor is actually sparring a lot more than he would for an MMA bout.

To put a number, John says its four times more. He also says that McGregor is a quick learner and with his age, its easier for recovery after every sparring session.

Another MMA fighter, K.J Noons, puts it accurately giving a picture of how Boxing is different with MMA by comparing Tennis and racquetball saying “They’re both sports where you’re hitting a ball with a racquet, but they’re also very different, one’s all wrist, and one is no wrist.

It’s a similar thing with boxing and MMA.”

The fight discussion keeps on coming from all corners, from MMA Superstars to Heavyweight Boxers to Legends to even WWE stars.

Keeping the outcome of the bout aside, one thing is for certain, the matchup has reached massive hype.

For McGregor and the Money Team, it’s all good publicity and marketing to build a solid viewership before the infamous fight.

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