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Watch: Tony Ferguson plays basketball while Charles Olivera stares on intently

Swapnil Rajwade

Charles Olivera Tony Ferguson

Charles Olivera seemed focused on Tony Ferguson even when Tony was preparing for a fight against Chandler.

Tony Ferguson recently faced Michael Chandler and the same card as Olivera faced Gaethji. Tony unfortunately faces his fourth loss in a row. Michael Chandler knocked Tony out with a front kick. Many believe it to be the best front kick knockout ever.

Leaving the results aside, Tony seemed to have a lot of fun in preparation. During the fight week Tony was seen playing Basketball with his team. Tony even displayed his Basketball skills which looked great for a full time fighter.

Tony Ferguson’s great throw into the basket from quite a distance is impressive in its own way Many of the UFC fighters have skills other than fighting. Many even play other sports for fun or as a hobby.

Justin Gaethji was seen playing golf recently before the Olivera fight, DC joined him too. Conor has stepped foot inside the boxing ring and boxed one of the best boxers of all time in Floyd Mayweather. Dominic Reyes played football in college. We have even seen Ben Askren playing disc golf.

Tony Ferguson even mentioned in his pre fight interviews that he wanted to go and box. He said that he is a multi sport athlete and would like to have avenues open to earn money. However UFC didn’t allow him to go and compete in other sport is what he stated. Francis, the heavyweight champion also wishes to box. He will be boxing Fury in a special rules match.

UFC Lightweight division:

Though Tony has lost his recent fight and is on a 4 fight losing streak he hasn’t lost his fan base. Tony supporters are strong like always. The 155 pound division sems very interesting with Chandler getting the KO, Dustin waiting to come back, Tony wanting to fight again. Everyone in the UFC believes Olivera is at his A game. Conor return will always be special be it at 155 or 170.

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