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Twitch Paid Stream boost service: Community backlash against Amazon’s new strategy

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Twitch introduced a new Paid Stream Boost service, shortly after the Amazon acquisition. This changes the Twitch ecosystem somewhat.

Twitch finally decided on launching its new “Paid Stream Boosting” service for Twitch streamers. It is extremely controversial, considering the current Twitch Meta right now.

This changes the streamer landscape entirely, considering the hard work that most streamers have put in over years. But there are two sides to the same coin.

The feature was first unveiled on a September 30 stream. There Product Manager Jacob Rosok explained in and outs on a “Patch Notes” broadcast. The gaming community speculates on the pros and cons of the feature.

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Is the Twitch  “Paid Stream Boost” meta going to last forever?

Amazon’s strategy has been criticised heavily by many Twitch celebrities. Felix “xQc” Lengyel, called it the “worst idea” he’s ever seen. Some small-time streamers really loved the addition though.

Despite the mixed reactions, Twitch proceeded with the feature launch today. As it stands, only a handful of streamers have access to the controversial feature. Social media is ripe with rebellions against Twitch features.

But, we have to consider the options that the paid boosting feature provides. Viewers have the option to pay anywhere between $0.99 to $4.95. Consequently, recommendations are sent out to viewers for a limited time.

1000 recommendations for $0.99 and 5000 recommendations for $4.95. In order for viewers to boost, the streamer must also allow them to chat on Livestream.

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What will be the real impact of the Amazon acquired Twitch experiment?

There are too many variables affecting this launch. Right now, only Twitch viewers in the USA have access to this feature.

It will be interesting to see if the Amazon acquired company would invoke regional pricing like the subscriptions. Eventually, we will learn if the feature provides any growth for small streamers who are looking to benefit most from this addition.

“Paid to Boost” meta on Twitch might become an executive disaster. But, only Twitch devs will really know the impact of their experiment.

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