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“That’s Like Dropping LeBron James.”: Joe Rogan Upset With People Disregarding Kamaru Usman After UFC 278 Loss

Afnan Chougle
|Thu Sep 22 2022

Joe Rogan, the UFC veteran color commentator, is displeased with people who are disregarding former champion Kamaru Usman after his knockout loss at UFC 278. 

The former pound-for-pound number one fighter Kamaru Usman faced the first ever loss of his UFC career last month. He was set for a rematch against Leon Edwards, whom Usman had already defeated in 2015.

‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ dominated ‘Rocky’ for most of the rounds. However, Edwards took advantage of Usman’s one mistake just a minute before the end of the fight and landed a vicious leg kick that knocked him out cold.

The result of the fight shocked many, including the UFC commentator Rogan. Ever since then, some people have been downplaying Usman. However, Rogan doesn’t fall under this bracket. Instead, he recently lashed out at people who are disregarding Usman after UFC 278 loss and compared him to LeBron James.

“All those sponsors can go f**k themselves. If you would drop Kamaru Usman because of a one-kick knockout in a sport where that’s like dropping LeBron (James) if someone dunked on him. Like no,” Rogan said on the recent episode of his podcast with guest Will Harris.

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“What are you talking about? Like, this is what the sport is. That is the consequences and those consequences are available even to the greatest champions. If you get head-kicked, that’s it. That’s the button. You get head-kicked by Leon Edwards, that’s the button… It was clean, there’s no surviving that…” Rogan added.

Kamaru Usman took the loss sportingly on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ has had a long reign in the welterweight division of the UFC. However, it all ended with one kick. But that didn’t have much effect on Usman’s mindset.

Following his loss, the Nigerian fighter appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he talked about the knockout. The former champion joked about his defeat and was all complimentary about the new champion, Edwards.

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According to many reports, the UFC is working on a trilogy between Usman and Edwards. The fight will most probably take place next year in Edwards’ home country, England.

What are your thoughts on Usman’s loss? What do you guys think about Rogan’s words?

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