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Dana White Once Explained Why $120M Worth Joe Rogan Worked 12 UFC Shows for Free: “He’s Not Just a Talking Head”

Anujit Vijayakumar
|Thu Sep 22 2022

Joe Rogan is must-see TV! An integral member of the UFC commentating panel, Rogan has etched his name into Mixed Martial Arts folklore!

Joe Rogan has been a household name in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Since the late 1990s, Joe has been a prominent and foremost promoter of the sport.

Having started initially as backstage and post-fight interviewer, Rogan made his way through the ranks to the post of commentator. It’s safe to say he found his calling.

He has been acting as a genuine promoter and advertiser of the UFC, and more importantly MMA, for over two decades now. His standing as a comedian has helped stockpile more eyes to fight nights.

Dana White, who inherited the title of UFC president in 2001, set upon the revolution of the sport, with his sights set on Rogan to lead the commentary line. It goes without saying Joe delivered.

Dana White has revealed why comedian and MMA commentator Joe Rogan, worked 12 UFC shows, for free of cost!

White has been an esteemed and prestigious figure within the fighting industry. The UFC president’s work outside the octagon, has laid the foundation for its success.

Dana has explained how Rogan’s love for martial arts led him to work the first 12 UFC shows for free. An exemplary professional who displayed heart and passion for the game.

White stated on Snoop Dogg’s GGN News

“It’s a passion. He’s passionate about the sport and you can tell. You can tell he’s not just a talking head being paid to talk about MMA. He’s into it. He loves it.”

Dana went on to explain:

“You want to hear something crazy? You know how much Rogan loved it? He did the first 12 shows for free, he didn’t even get paid. He wanted to do it. And then, obviously, once we turned it around, he gets paid now”

The relationship between the two is the cornerstone of the triumph the UFC has achieved. The UFC commentator has recently stated that his time in the UFC will be up, once the UFC president resigns. That would be a sad day for the sport.


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