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“That Dude Is a Storm… Holy Sh*t”: Joe Rogan Names Next UFC ‘Greatest’ Fighter

Afnan Chougle
|Thu Sep 22 2022

Joe Rogan, the veteran UFC color commentator, recently named a UFC fighter who has the potential to become the next greatest in the promotion. 

On the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, award-winning filmmaker and creator of the popular YouTube combat sports documentary series ‘Anatomy Of A Fighter,’ Will Harris joined the 55-year-old host.

During the episode, both Rogan and Harris discussed a lot about mixed martial arts and UFC. At one point in the conversation, Harris stumbled upon the topic of UFC lightweight fighter Terrance McKinney.

It was then that the veteran commentator talked highly about the surging, lightweight contender. He even claimed that ‘T. Wrecks’ is the next greatest fighter in the promotion.

“He has the real chance of being one of the greatest. Real chance. That dude is a storm. He is a storm. When he comes at you guns blazing in the beginning of the fight. Holy sh*t,” Rogan said.

Mckinney acknowledged this and uploaded the clip from the podcast on his official Twitter account. I appreciate you, Will. Thanks for the shout-out on Joe Rogan and I hear you about social media,” he wrote in the caption. 

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The American fighter is a product of the Dana White Contender Series. He has a 13-4 professional MMA record under his name and has won three UFC bouts, all via a finish in the first round.

Joe Rogan once talked about the ‘winning’ mentality of one of the greatest athletes, Michael Jordan

The 55-year-old UFC commentator is an ardent fan of MMA. However, this doesn’t stop him from enjoying other sports. Rogan follows NBA and even NFL very often. He has had professionals from the respective sports as guests on his podcast.

Rogan has a fascination for great athletes and frequently talks about them on his podcast. Similarly, once the MMA enthusiast discussed Michael Jordan’s mentality on his show.

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The UFC color commentator claimed Jordan didn’t enjoy losing. He also claimed that the NBA great was ‘mentally ill’ because of his obsession with winning. However, Rogan believed all these factors made him one of the greatest in the sport.

What are your thoughts on Rogan’s words? What do you guys think about Rogan’s statement on McKinney?

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