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After a Viral Arm Bar Victory at UFC Event, Venom Actor Tom Hardy Wins Another BJJ Competition

Anujit Vijayakumar
|Wed Sep 21 2022

The sport of MMA is slowly taking over the world, and heading into global stardom! Don’t think so? Just ask, British actor Tom Hardy who will concur! 

Mixed Martial Arts has come a long way since its inception. From the day the first event took place, to bankrupting concerns, the promotion has been through it all.

Not to forget, the hurdles faced by the organization, in their long-standing battle to legitimize the sport, and erase all stereotypes associated with the sport.

The UFC thrived, in the wake of being acquired by the Fertitta brothers. However, the real changes brought about by the promotion are accredited to UFC president, Dana White!

White, for all his wrongdoings, has always stood by the promotion and its fighters! White’s the sole reason the UFC is where it is right now!

The UFC president’s promotion of the sport has garnered eyes from all across the world, as well as people from all lines of work. Including celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg.

British acting legend, Tom Hardy, who has been a colossal advocate for martial arts, recently won gold at the UMAC Milton Keyes BJJ open 2022! A tremendous achievement for a student of the game!

Tom Hardy, has been training in martial arts since the start of the past decade. The veteran actor’s popular films, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Legend’ meant, the Brit, indulged in training for the roles.

The Hollywood crowd-puller has been locking up the Jiu-Jitsu segment for the better part of a year now. Hardy was seen competing in an exhibition Jiu-Jitsu tournament at the REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu.

The event was held at Aldersley Leisure Village. The ‘Venom’ stud, bagged two gold medals in the tournament, claiming victory. What’s more so impressive aspect of the triumph was the manner in which the 44-year-old produced his victories.

The famous arm-bar technique was pulled to perfection, which resulted in a tap from his opponent. The Peaky Blinders star, more recently picked up gold once again, at the UMAC Milton Keyes BJJ open 2022.


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Do you believe there are celebrities who could out grapple Hardy?

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