4x Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead, Who Once Feuded With Andrew Tate, Reacts to His Release From Prison

Swapnil Rajwade
|Published April 01, 2023

The influencer who caught on to the people’s mind during covid was arrested by the Romanian police under the charges of s*x trafficking, drugs, etc. The release was not soon enough as per reports, but Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were released from custody very recently. Chris Bumstead, the 4-time Mr. Olympia who once feuded with Andrew Tate, reacted to the release.

Andrew Tate and his brother, after being released from jail, spoke to the media and said they were looking forward to going home.

Chris Bumstead reacts to Andrew Tate release:

Chris Bumstead is a 4 times Mr Olympia and had some words to say about Andrew Tate being released from the jail. To the surprise of few Chris Bumstead said:

“Our G has been released, may justice and wisdom follow him.”

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This tweet was to the surprise of many, as people have seen them feud in the past. Andrew Tate was once lifting weights and working out on his yacht. To this, Mr. Olympia reacted and said that the weights look tiny. He tried to just mess around or play with Andrew Tate.

Top G is not the one to have no response. He replied to Bumstead, saying that these were the heaviest weights he could find on his super yacht. He then asked him how heavy the weights on his yacht were?

The reply was epic, and Tate tried to taunt Bumstead by showing that he has a yacht.

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Andrew Tate is known for his quick responses. After his release, he talked to the reporters and said that justice will be served.

Will Andrew Tate take social media on?

Now that the Tate brothers have been released, social media will be on fire. Andrew Tate fans who supported him seem to be happy as he is free now. Andrew Tate even mentioned that the judges were very attentive to what his side wanted to say. He said he has nothing against the country of Romania.

People who have been trolling or making fun of Andrew Tate while he was in jail might get a response. He might start trolling people who trolled him all this while. The social media in the following days would be a thing to watch out for.

Though Andrew Tate is now free, there could be restrictions on what he can or cannot do. He will have to be careful while speaking about anything, as the matrix might get to him again as he believes it. How the case unfolds itself going ahead would be interesting to see.

What’s your take on the release?

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