Andrew Tate Statement: Influencer Speaks About ‘Eventual Release’ Despite Extended Detention

Afnan Chougle
|Published 15/03/2023

The controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has been in a Romanian jail for over 70 days. He and his younger brother have been jailed under the suspicion of human trafficking and money laundering. But, they have not been charged with the said crimes. Despite that, the Romanian judicial court has denied their bail several times, as police are investigating the case. The Tate brothers are supposed to be in price till the end of March, as ruled by the court in February. However, Tate’s legal team made a fresh appeal for release. But the court’s response was the same as per yesterday’s hearing.

Many of the Andrew Tate supporters have expressed their resentment over the court’s order, given that the brothers are not charged with the crime. Even Tate shared his thoughts on the court’s ruling. However, despite the rejection of the appeal, Tate was optimistic about his release.

What did Andrew Tate say the court denied release?

Andrew Tate, since the beginning, has been blaming The Matrix- people of a higher power in society for his arrest. He has also accused them of trying to break him mentally during the arrest.

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However, the self-proclaimed men’s influencer has claimed to remain calm throughout the arrest using meditation exercises. Talking in a similar way, Tate spoke on Twitter after the court denied his bail for the fifth time.

Tate stated that he will continue to write and work in his cell. The 36-year-old was talking about the newsletter he writes for fans and exercising. “I will continue to write and work in this cell. I will continue to prepare for my eventual release. My ancestors are watching me. I will show them. I am outstanding even in the rain. To all of you with your own trials and struggles. I recommend you do the same,” Tate wrote.

The Tate brothers once threatened to sue a woman for $300 Million

Ever since the arrest of the Tate brothers, six victims have come out against them. However, the prosecutors are yet to present evidence against them. On these grounds, the brothers have maintained their innocence in front of the public.

They have even accused the victim girls of framing them for the crimes. The legal team of Tate also sent a letter to one of the victim women threatening to sue for $300 million over false accusations.

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Tate’s legal team also asked the alleged victim to retract her statements. As per the new hearing, the Tate brothers will remain in prison till 30th March. However, they have requested separate appeals against detention and Tristan’s hearing will be out soon. Thus, it remains to be seen if either of the brothers is released from prison.

What are your thoughts on the Tate brothers’ arrest? What do you think about Tate’s tweet?

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