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Arman Tsarukyan Addresses Relationship Status with Kayla Harrison Post ‘Inappropriate’ Question Incident at UFC 300 Event

Souvik Roy

Arman Tsarukyan Addresses Relationship Status with Kayla Harrison Post 'Inappropriate' Question Incident at UFC 300 Event

Arman Tsarukyan has finally opened up about his relationship status with Kayla Harrison. The fans may be posing inappropriate questions about their relationship, but that hasn’t swayed anything in the bond that Tsarukyan and Harrison have between themselves. Lately, Tsarukyan appeared on Ariel Helwani’s noted podcast, ‘The MMA Hour’. Speaking on the burning controversy, he detailed the current state of his relationship with Harrison after they went through a distasteful moment a few weeks back.

Initially, the former PFL champ, Harrison, spoke out about the disrespectful moment when she appeared on a previous episode of ‘The MMA Hour’. She was accompanied by ‘Ahalkalakets’ to a pre-UFC 300 ‘fan Q&A’ session when one of the followers came up with a thoroughly degrading question for Ahalkalakets involving Harrison. So much so, that the 33-year-old Olympic champion couldn’t even mention the question and labeled it as “inappropriate”.

However, Arman Tsarukyan’s reply to Helwani’s question revealed that his friendly relations with Harrison didn’t take any hit due to the fan’s shenanigans. Along with labeling Harrison as the “captain” of his team, Tsarukyan said,

We’re good. We talked about that, and she understood and I understood. So yeah, we’re good now.”

Well, the UFC fans have showcased several similar instances of their sulkiness previously, and the Kayla Harrison-Arman Tsarukyan incident was not an exclusive one. They didn’t even spare the noted play-by-play commentator of the UFC Jon Anik. The brashness of UFC fans also had Anik making a startling revelation.

Jon Anik wasn’t unfazed like Arman Tasukyan and Kayla Harrison after the disrespect from fans

The UFC fans-Jon Anik scuffle started after the conclusion of the UFC 297 main event. The former middleweight champ, Sean Strickland’s fanbase, got annoyed after the thoroughly close UFC 297 main event fight was ruled in favor of the current UFC middleweight champ, Dricus Du Plessis. Anik ended up enduring the wrath of several Strickland fans after supporting the decision of the referees at the UFC 297 main event.

The distasteful attack on the 45-year-old had him deciding to quit the UFC and transition to the NFL. However, Anik hasn’t taken any steps towards materializing those words yet. He has been continuing his commentary duties in the UFC even though it has been months past all of this. Receiving support from his peers, few noted UFC personas like Joe Rogan and others have labeled Anik as one of the very best in the field of sports commentary.

Post Edited By:Debmallya Chakraborty

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