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Conor McGregor Respects ‘Good Man’ John Cena, Overlooks Previous Criticisms in Positive Turnaround

Kevin Binoy

Conor McGregor Respects ‘Good Man’ John Cena, Overlooks Previous Criticisms in Positive Turnaround

Conor McGregor is currently in the middle of a promotional tour for his upcoming movie, ‘Roadhouse’. The movie starring McGregor and Jake Gyllenhaal is a remake of the original movie starring Patrick Swayze released in 1989. With his debut on the big screen, McGregor is following in the footsteps of combat sports stars such as Mike Tyson, The Rock, and John Cena. While the movie is delaying his return to the octagon, it is an experience McGregor very much enjoyed based on his recent interviews.

The Notorious’ was recently asked about the likes of John Cena and other WWE stars who frequently act in movies but also return to the WWE as often as possible. While talking to ‘Good Morning Britain’ McGregor addressed the differences in the two industries. He said,

“Yeah John is a good man. John is a good man. They’re different industries now, the WWE and the UFC are stark in contrast.”

When asked about his experience making a film and if he would do it again McGregor said,

“You know I had such an amazing time doing it. A lot of hard work but I had an amazing time doing it. I am very proud it is banked now… So I won’t say never but as of right now, I am just going to absorb all this.”

McGregor stated that he has a lot of activities coming up with the promotion of the movie and St. Patrick’s Day. However, once those events are done McGregor wants to get back home and decompress before plotting a return to the octagon.

Additionally, He stated he would get a date finalized once he was done with his promotional duties. As things stand, McGregor is aiming for a return in June at UFC 303.

Conor McGregor’s previous stance on John Cena

‘The Notorious’ has not been a big fan of the WWE historically. On many occasions, McGregor has taken shots at WWE fighters and called them out for not being true ‘fighters’.

Despite his recent good words for John Cena, the WWE star was once called out by Conor McGregor. ‘The Notorious’ blasted Cena for his trademark ‘you can’t see me’ move.

He also went on to brand Cena a failed Mr.Olympia. McGregor was also of the opinion that some of the WWE stars were not ‘right in the head’. Needless to say, McGregor’s image of John Cena has changed significantly over the past few years.

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