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Dana White Bumps Up UFC 300 Performance Bonuses to $300k Following Max Holloway’s Request

Souvik Roy

Dana White Bumps Up UFC 300 Performance Bonuses to $300k Following Max Holloway’s Request

Dana White has agreed to give 6x Performance Bonuses for UFC 300. The UFC BMF champ, Justin Gaethje’s demand for 6x-elevated post-fight bonuses at UFC 300 may have sounded farfetched. But even his rival, Max Holloway, joined him regarding this demand during the UFC 300 media day, echoing Gaethje’s voice. Still, many were in doubt about the materialization of this demand.

However, the UFC head honcho, Dana White, recently surprised the UFC community when he accepted the 6x-elevated post-fight bonus demands during the pre-UFC 300 press meet. An ‘X’ update from the UFC’s official account revealed the moment when the 54-year-old granted Gaethje and Holloway’s wish.

Dana White and Co. have been arranging several things a bit differently for UFC 300. However, this change is probably the one that will provide the fighters with an added reason to be the best version of themselves at UFC 300.

Gaethje, Holloway, and others must also be thankful to the reporter who brought up this topic during the UFC 300 press conference. But White had no idea about the figure that should be allotted as the UFC 300 post-fight bonus. This is why he confirmed the amount from the cries of the crowd before putting his seal on it. He said,

“What should it [UFC 300 post-fight bonuses] be raised to? 300 [$300k]. It’s done”

Well, ‘The Highlight’ must be on cloud nine after getting his wish granted by White. But in order to grab the prize, Gaethje would have to be at his absolute best. However, looking at his record, the possibility of him winning the $300k bonus does not seem far-fetched. He holds an awesome feat of earning 12 post-fight bonuses to date. Hence, there’s every possibility of the 35-year-old earning $300k as his 13th post-fight bonus on the night of April 13.

Will Justin Gaethje or Max Holloway be able to make the most of Dana White’s approval?

Gaethje has always been an entertaining fighter who looks to finish his opponents every time he steps inside the octagon. However, his opponent for the night, Max Holloway, is also known for delivering enthralling bouts.

Having a rival with such an exciting fighting style also increases the chances of their fight being judged as the ‘Fight of the Night’. Especially when Holloway already boasts of 11 post fight bonuses.

Hence, the entire equation says that every UFC fighter will have the chance to earn a whopping $300k apart from their fight purses at UFC 300. But, it won’t be wrong to say that Gaethje and Holloway are an inch ahead of others in this race due to their exhilarating fighting styles.

Post Edited By:Debmallya Chakraborty

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