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Ex-UFC Star Wants to ‘Put Hands’ on Andrew Tate After Viral MMA Video

Kishore R

Ex-UFC Star Wants to ‘Put Hands’ on Andrew Tate After Viral MMA Video

No matter what he does, self-proclaimed billionaire, Andrew Tate seems to invite stray bullets to come shoot him. The former kickboxer, now better known for child trafficking allegations, was recently called out by former UFC fighter Derek Brunson after watching his kickboxing clip.

In a tweet, he succinctly put forward his opinion and tagged Tate, just to ensure the message didn’t go unnoticed.

I’d put hands on @Cobratate.” 

Not impressed by his performance, Brunson mocked the Romanian with a few laughing emojis, essentially saying that he wanted a piece of action.

In fact, the current PFL LHW contender basically called him out in an effort to get himself a dream match and go home with a couple of millions. While ‘Cobra’ is yet to respond to the MMA veteran, fans in the comments have started a frenzy with many urging PFL (Professional Fighters League) to work on it for the fans and make it happen.

As for Brunson, he is now jolly good, enjoying his time in PFL after transitioning from the UFC to earn his biggest payday of his MMA career.

Derek Brunson earns the biggest payday in his career after parting ways with the UFC

When it comes to exceptional fight cards, UFC might be the #1 organization in the fight business to do it. However when it comes to fighter pay, Dana White doesn’t really care much about it.

But while fighters in the early days of the sport had limited options, now they have multiple ones where they can negotiate a reasonable deal and cut a deal for themselves.

And Derek Brunson seems to have done just that. Speaking to MMA Fighting, the veteran says that he has earned a generous amount despite spending 11 years in the UFC accounting for 21 fights! However, Brunson has nothing against the UFC but is grateful that they’ve let him go finally.

While he did not reveal a number, he said that it was his biggest paycheck ever and “a lot more than the UFC.”

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Kishore R

Kishore R


Kishore is a UFC writer at The SportsRush. It was a YouTube video of 1989’s Fight of the Year bout between Roberto Duran and Iran Barkley that got him hooked on the thrill of the gladiator sport. Later that insatiable thirst and yearning for controlled violence got him to the defunct PRIDE FC, which was the king of MMA promotions till the Ultimate Fighting Championship broke into the scene. Along with his undying passion for the sport and his experience as a writer, penning more than a thousand articles, Kishore is amalgamating his technical understanding of the sport with his stellar storytelling prowess. From Fedor’s unrivaled reign to the newest crowning of Alex Pereira, he has been religiously following the sport and wishes to see Tony Ferguson bounce back and showcase his old swagger - “IT’S TONY TIME!”

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