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‘Good Hands Once Dana White Leaves’: Fans Foresee Hunter Campbell as Next UFC Boss After Witnessing His Behind-The-Scenes Work

Allan Binoy

‘Good Hands Once Dana White Leaves’: Fans Foresee Hunter Campbell as Next UFC Boss After Witnessing His Behind-The-Scenes Work

Dana White’s potential replacement as UFC president has fans in awe. No no, Mr. White is not leaving us to start a meth empire anytime soon. But when he does, people believe Hunter Campbell would be a good heir to the throne.

It is no secret that Campbell is an integral part of the team at UFC. He is usually the one who reaches out to fighters talks to them and books fights. Following the recent UFC Roku Show called ‘Inside The UFC’, fans got a glimpse into how Campbell works and now they are certain that he could take over from White.

One fan was sure that when Dana White will retire, Hunter Campbell will take his place,

“When Dana retires, he’s next, for sure”


Another spoke about how a bald Hunter Campbell would give Dana White a run for his money if he too suffered from male pattern baldness.

“If he was bald it’d be over for Dana”

This fan believes the UFC is stagnant under White and can not wait for Campbell to take over,

“Can’t wait for Dana to finally be gone and for the UFC to do something other than stagnate”

Yet another fan shared the same opinion of Dana White not doing much in the UFC. This fan believes Campbell does all the work behind the scenes,

“Hunter is already the uncrowned CEO. Dana does nothing rn but yell at reporters and acts like an embarrassment to the sport”

This fan believes the UFC will be in good hands if Hunter Campbell takes over. Looking at his track record, this fan may just be right,

“We’ll still be in good hands once dana leaves”

Another fan spoke about how Campbell was the perfect replacement for Dana White as even the fighters love him,

“We found Dana’s replacement for when Dana retires…”

Meanwhile, Dana White and Hunter Campbell continue to show the fans how the UFC works from the inside.

The show streaming on Roku reveals the management’s relationships with fighters and fights are made. In a recent clip from the show, Campbell’s negotiation skills with Aljamain Sterling caught the eye of fans.

Hunter Campbell’s Alamain Sterling negotiation following Dana White controversy

Hunter Campbell and Dana White work like the classic good cop bad cop duo. White is the brash and confrontative president, whereas the former is the voice of reason.

In a recent clip uploaded to X by Championship Rounds, Campbell had to convince Aljamain Sterling not to pull out of the Sean O’Malley fight,

“You’re at your f*cking peak. You’ve looked incredible and it’s just this opportunity for you to take his audience he has built in and introduce you to them.”

Aljamain Sterling and Dana White had somewhat of a falling out because the UFC president had made some controversial statements about the former champ. However, Campbell was able to convince Sterling to put that aside and focus on the fight.

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Allan Binoy

Allan Binoy


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