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Jon Jones Stunned by Dustin Poirier’s Retirement Consideration After UFC 302, Similar to Khabib Nurmagomedov

Souvik Roy

Jon Jones Stunned by Dustin Poirier's Retirement Consideration After UFC 302, Similar to Khabib Nurmagomedov

Dustin Poirier’s indication of a possible retirement after UFC 302 shocked several fans, including the heavyweight champ, Jon Jones. Poirier’s last fight at UFC 299 showcased that he still has it, as he earned a KO victory over his rival. This is why the news of his retirement came like a bolt from the blue to most. The current heavyweight champ even reposted an ‘X’ update about Poirier’s retirement to express his bewilderment.

Well, Poirier’s age might be one of the reasons behind Jones’s shock. As of now, ‘The Diamond’ and Conor McGregor are both 35 years old, but their UFC careers present a stark difference. The latter out of the two is gearing up for his comeback on 29 June, while the former is planning to retire. This is exactly what Jon Jones is yet to come to terms with and the caption he used with the repost made his shock quite evident.

“Wait a minute, did he say he’s considering retiring after his next fight!?”

Several fans were shocked when the former UFC lightweight king, Khabib Nurmagomedov declared his retirement while still in his prime. Hence, Poirier’s decision to retire while at the top of his game might make most compare him to the Dagestani.

It’s pertinent to note that ‘Bones’ followed the same path a few months back. Many of his ‘X’ updates indicated that he might retire after his previously scheduled fight against Stipe Miocic, which is yet to materialize. Still, the situation has changed quite drastically since then.

Jon Jones has given up thoughts of retirement after fighting Stipe Miocic

‘Bones’ recently faced the wrath of several fans after refusing to fight the current interim heavyweight champ, Tom Aspinall. In fact, his ‘X’ updates during this time indicated that he would rather retire than fight Aspinall.

However, a large chunk of the UFC community currently wants the light heavyweight champ, Alex Pereira, to move up to heavyweight. Despite ducking Aspinall, ‘Bones’ looks pretty willing to take on Pereira in the future, thereby the retirement idea on ice.

Well, Jones has probably found the fight that might make him postpone his retirement plans. Now, it will be interesting to watch if Poirier can find a reason to delay his retirement as well, which otherwise will happen at the end of UFC 302.

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