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Mark Coleman Details Near-Death Experience: Ends Up in Hospital After Heroic Rescue of Parents from House Fire

Souvik Roy

Mark Coleman Details Near-Death Experience: Ends Up in Hospital After Heroic Rescue of Parents from House Fire

The first-ever UFC heavyweight champ, Mark Coleman’s in-octagon antics proved that he had the heart of a warrior. But fate put his spirit to the test once again. About a month back, Coleman was stranded amidst a house fire. However, the 59-year-old refused to bow down to the challenging situation.  Recently, ‘The Hammer’ appeared on Ariel Helwani’s podcast, ‘The MMA Hour’ to detail the terrible incidents he had to go through on that night.

Coleman revealed that a strange negative feeling had engrossed him from the night before the incident. His dog, ‘Hammer’s’ restless movements woke him up around 4:00 am. Initially, Coleman failed to realize that there was a fire. But the excessive heat in his bedroom indicated that something was wrong. The former UFC heavyweight champ stepped out of his bedroom and moved towards the kitchen amidst the darkness in his house.

The burning sensation in Mark Coleman’s hand while trying to open the kitchen door confirmed his doubts about his house being on fire. A glass window shattered right after, making things even worse for him. The Ohio native initially attempted to get his parents out of the house. However, Coleman shockingly left out his mom amidst the chaos. Coleman said,

“I come all the way out to the garage [with my dad]. But my mom wasn’t there. I said I’ll get her. I could see her down there in the hallway.”

The Braveheart, Coleman, had planned two trips inside his burning house. One to get his parents to safety and the second one to rescue his dog. However, he had to make a second attempt to rescue his mother, who got left out initially. Sadly, this didn’t leave enough time for him to rescue his four-legged friend whom he lost in the accident.

The UFC world showcased their heartfelt respect and appreciation for Coleman, who ended up getting hospitalized after the incident. However, the UFC veteran seems to have left behind his dark times. Coleman will be there at the upcoming milestone PPV of the UFC as he is vested with a special responsibility.

Mark Coleman will do the honors of presenting the UFC BMF title at UFC 300

The UFC might have designed a title for the ‘BMF’ of the promotion, but Coleman’s heroic act proved that he was the ‘BMF’ in the real world. This is exactly why the upcoming contender for the belt, Max Holloway, opined that he wanted Mark Coleman to present the ‘BMF’ title to the victor.

Several other UFC stars, including the noted former UFC champ-champ, Daniel Cormier, appreciated Holloway’s gesture. In fact, the current champion, Justin Gaethje, also aligned with Holloway’s idea. Thus, it is evident that both the fighters have agreed to the fact that nothing can be better than the UFC’s ‘BMF’ getting the coveted title wrapped around his waist by a real-life BMF like Coleman.

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