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Mike Perry Reveals Ex-UFC Star, Who He Wants to Fight, Rejected USD 2 Million Offer for a BKFC Showdown

Kishore R

Mike Perry Reveals Ex-UFC Star, Who He Wants to Fight, Rejected USD 2 Million Offer for a BKFC Showdown

Following his career in the UFC cage, Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry had a meteoric rise in BKFC, with the Michigan brute dismantling former UFC champions. While Perry has got himself a million-dollar payday in BKFC, he is still yearning for an opportunity to punch Darren Till and settle their differences.

After his landslide win over Thiago Alves, the bare-knuckle fighter fiercely called out Till in his post-fight interview. Now, speaking to MMAFighting on SBN, the 32-year-old has yet again called out the Brit, naming him as his next potential opponent. Perry in fact, got in some sly jabs, saying,

With Darren (Till) obviously, you know being said that he said no to 2 million, he doesn’t want to do bare knuckle. I’ve already said that you know this guy doesn’t want to do bare knuckle but I want a chance to punch him in the face so whether it be I got to put pillows on my hands, or even smaller pillows you know.” 


Mocking Till for being “scared” after he turned down the $2 million offer, Perry mentioned that he is dying to punch in Till’s face after he raised the bar, talking trash. The Michigan native also relayed that he has cleaned the slate, beating probably everybody else on the BKFC roster, extending his undefeated streak in the promotion.

As for Till who has been released from the UFC, chances are he might have other options on his table considering that he chose to turn down the BKFC offer. Though Perry did not resort to his usual trash talk on the show, he gave hints about his future promotion – Platinum Pit Fights – and added another one to Till’s list to consider if he actually wanted to settle the scores with him.

Mike Perry taunts Till as he welcomes the Brit to his new promotion

Following Perry’s thumping win against former UFC talent Thiago Alves, fight fans were speculating what could be next for the fighter. Although some were craving a long-awaited BKFC showdown between Perry and UFC’s Conor McGregor, Perry has cleared the air and said it was Till he wanted.

Perry fired away shots at the Brit. In essence, Perry was mocking Till, getting one in below the belt, saying,

Platinum pit fights, it’s coming, it’s around the corner and we’re looking to make a card and a show it’ll be my promotion and we can offer and pay very well and we’ll have some gloves so you dont have to be so scared and you know just my opportunity to punch on this guy and settle differences, you know that’s what I’m looking for because I dont see anyone left in bare knuckle.”

He even offered to fight Till on the Brit’s terms but all he wanted was for the fighter to get the ball rolling so that he could finally end the long-standing rivalry.

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