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Nina Marie Daniele Credits Conor McGregor and UFC Boss Dana White’s Mantras for Her Success

Kishore R

Nina Marie Daniele Credits Conor McGregor and UFC Boss Dana White's Mantras for Her Success

Manifestation is real,” make no mistake about it. All great personalities including the great Muhammad Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey, and Conor McGregor have manifested their way to greatness. And now, Nina Marie Daniele is doing exactly that as a UFC reporter/influencer and she credits Conor McGregor and Dana White for her success.

Tagging the duo in her Instagram story, the 35-year-old put out a brief clip keying in the timeline revealing the power of manifestation after she became “The fastest-growing MMA personality in the world.”

Truth be told, it’s an individual’s mind, their vision that propels him to keep moving. Despite his humble background, McGregor could envision himself as the king of the octagon and he kept on grinding until he became UFC’s first double champ.

Likewise, Dana White could foresee the potential in MMA and hence decided to bank on it with everything he had. Nina Marie has followed the same path and is now one of the most recognizable faces in UFC.

Nina Marie Daniele
Credits: Instagram

Popular for her comedic skits and interviews with fighters, Nina-Marie Daniele quickly shot up into the stratosphere in a very short time. In her story, we can see her with sweaty palms, envisioning herself meeting up with the UFC President almost one and a half years ago. Through relentless grind and a manic work ethic, she has been achieving her goals.

Even though she had to sacrifice a career in stand-up comedy, her witty interviews are a source of natural humor for the fans. Not to mention, her chirpy and lively personality can light up even the most awkward situations. After all, she is the only one who could make a stone-faced killer like Alex Pereira do a Pikachu impression!

Furthermore, her creativity and social media activity are more like the icing on top of the cake. She is very well-updated and constantly on the lookout for MMA content. Even the #1 bantamweight contender Merab Dvalishvili couldn’t escape her sight. Reacting to ‘The Machine’s’ visit to India where he was seen trying out Pani Puri, Nina had to chime in with a funny comment to amuse the fighter.

Nina-Marie Daniele’s “flyweight” comments on Merab Dvalishvili breaks the internet

After conquering American hearts, the Georgia wrestler, Merab Dvalishvili is now in the enchanted land of India to conquer more hearts. As part of a “Meet & greet” program, the bantamweight flew down to the subcontinent to enthrall the fight fans in India. He dropped down to the UFC gym in Mumbai and met the fans there along with UFC’s first Indian fighter Anshul Jubli.

As it turns out, India is treating Dvalishvili really well. The fighter is in fact having a ball munching on local delicacies, wrestling beach-goers, and roaming around the fast city of Mumbai. However, if there’s one thing that the fighter doesn’t approve of in India, it’s Pani Puri! Recently, a short clip of the fighter surfaced on the internet where he was making faces when he tried out Pani Puri.

Chiming into this, Daniele had to get in with a joke. Commenting down on the post by Full Violence, she wrote, “Merab about to drop to Flyweight,” subtly joking about the food on seeing the Georgian’s facial expression.

In fact, it is her cheerful personality and down-to-earth person that keep fans around her not to mention her comedic ability to come out with quick wits. Hope she continues on the path and makes the best of this opportunity she has carved out for herself.

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