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“No Money Can Make Up for That”: Ex-UFC Star Thinks Conor McGregor Is Envious of Khabib’s Esteem Among MMA Community

Kishore R

“No Money Can Make Up for That”: Ex-UFC Star Thinks Conor McGregor Is Envious of Khabib’s Esteem Among MMA Community

Ever since his defeat in 2018, Khabib Nurmagomedov has been living in Conor McGregor’s life rent-free. The Irishman took constant digs at his foe even in times of despair, like when his father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov passed away. Reflecting on his saltiness, former UFC star Ben Askren got real and called out McGregor’s jealousy.

Speaking to Daniel Cormier on the commentator’s YouTube channel, Askren was critical in his take, slamming the former double champ without mincing his words. He said,

He(Conor) has got all the money in the world deep down in his heart, what he wanted to be was the most respected fighting champion on the planet earth, no money can make up for that, that’s what Khabib is, Khabib is a fighting champion that everyone has a deep amount of respect for because of the way he lived his life and Conor wished he had that much of respect for himself but he’s too busy with pr***tutes and c***ne!” 

Yes, Askren even went that far to bash ‘The Notorious’ while lauding Nurmagomedov’s iron will and instance discipline. While DC was stunned to hear Askren’s brutal remark, one cannot argue with the veteran wrestler. Despite being retired from the UFC after his father’s death, ‘The Eagle’ is still revered as one of the best fighters the promotion has ever seen. Like they say, respect is earned not demanded.

Nurmagomedov’s reputation for mauling people proceeds his style and his undefeated record will stand tall. On the flip side, McGregor chased fame and fortune, becoming inconsistent with his craft and that started his downfall. After, losing to Nurmagomedov, he lost twice to Dustin Poirier and is eyeing a grand comeback to the cage this year.

For the unversed, the whole thing started again with McGregor mocking the Dagestani after news about an alleged tax evasion came to light. McGregor being himself did not waste a second and went straight for his jugular which was also heavily criticized by Ali Abdelaziz.

Conor McGregor gets a stiff response from Nurmagomedov’s manager after “rat comment”

Ahead of his return to the octagon, Conor McGregor just rekindled his rivalry with Nurmagomedov. In the wake of the Russian’s alleged tax evasion accusations, McGregor got one below the belt when he said that Nurmagomedov would be back to fighting in the UFC just so that he could settle the obligations, denouncing it as “typical rat behavior.

Naturally, this remark did not sit well with Nurmagomedovs manager, who subtly reminded McGregor of his humiliating defeat at the hands of the Russian. Ali Abdelaziz also put out a cold warning to ‘Mystic Mac’ on “X” asking him not to mess around and suggesting that he won’t be safe if he runs his mouth again.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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